Why Does Ten-8 Exist?

By Jack “Coffey” Hays,

We began this endeavor in an effort to support local, county, & state law enforcement officers across these United States, regardless of their title or rank, through educational articles, news stories, legal research projects, the relating of real life experiences from officers, explorations of court decisions, and to provide a forum for officers from all walks of law enforcement to sound off while gaining an understanding of the obstacles faced & successes earned by fellow officers in other jurisdictions.

  Perhaps most importantly, we want to ensure that “Law Enforcement in the American Tradition, With Obedience to God and Our Sacred Constitution” is what continues in our Republic eschewing the more militaristic & authoritarian police tactics of Eastern Europe & South America.

 We also want to provide a venue for officers to learn about the responsibilities, legal & moral, of their command structures and the elected officials they must often answer to. Such as: Exactly what authority does a Borough Councilman have?, What is the legal relationship between a Mayor and a City Council?, Can the Council tell the Mayor to “Sit there and shut up?”, Can the Mayor or Council impose a ticket quota on officers?

 Also, we quite often come across stories about officers suffering hardships, emotional, financial, and even familial, from injuries suffered on the job or emotional stress from day to day policing .

 It is our sincere hope that officers will share their experiences in such situations and offer advice to help others cope with the troubles we have all experienced.

 These are just some of the topics we hope to explore with Ten8 and we hope you will join us often on our journey. We also hope that you will tell others about us.

 So, welcome to Ten8. Please do not hesitate to offer your comments on the articles and information we present. Also, if there is a topic you would like to see us cover or discuss, please contact us at: 10-78@ten-eight.net and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.



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