Officer Resource Center

 The ten8 Officer Resource Center is the place to go when you need detailed information on specific legal issues.

 In the Resource Center you can find information such as reviews of court decisions (case law), statute language, administrative agency decisions, officer improvement articles, or just about anything other than general news articles pertaining to the law enforcement community.

  We have been very fortunate to become involved with several additional professionals who are volunteering their time and expertise to contribute to our efforts to provide our fellow officers with resources that many law enforcement agencies are unable to provide due to budgetary constraints, manpower shortages, or even political indifference. 

 Our volunteers now include Assistant District Attorneys & Public Defenders from various jurisdictions, Command Staff, Patrol Specialists, and Detectives from several departments and Sheriff’s offices across these United States.

 We have also established relationships with several criminal defense attorneys in private practice who have agreed to write articles discussing specific legal issues that officers are routinely not prepared to properly address. These articles will pertain to the proper conduct of police investigations,  what officers must do to lay a proper foundation to have specific items entered into evidence in court proceedings, how to properly cite “case law” and answer defense objections in court proceedings, and a myriad of other topics.

 In addition, we are attempting to establish relationships with elected officials including County Commissioners, Mayors, and City Council Members from all over our nation in an effort to have them speak to their experiences and rationale in setting budgets for law enforcement agencies.

  Visitors to the Resource Center can also submit questions about specific issues or events to us and we will do the research and get the answer to the submitting visitor as quickly as we can.

 Please take advantage of this most valuable service and as always, stay safe!

Please click here to visit the Resource Center now.

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