Fayette County, PA Sheriff’s Son gets Job as Lieutenant at County Prison

From The Tribune-Review by Liz Zemba, June 26, 2014

The Fayette County Prison Board on Wednesday hired the son of Sheriff Gary Brownfield, a retired state trooper, to fill a lieutenant’s position.

James Brownfield of Farmington has more than 20 years’ experience as a trooper, said Dominick Carnicella, human resources director. He was the recommended candidate out of five who were interviewed for the post.

Brownfield will earn $47,382 annually.

His father, who chairs the prison board, abstained from voting.

County commissioners Vincent Zapotosky and Al Ambrosini, along with Acting Controller Jeanine Wrona, voted in favor of the hire. Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink and District Attorney Jack Heneks were absent when the vote was taken, but Heneks said later he would have voted to hire Brownfield.

Carnicella said of the five applicants who were interviewed, two work at the prison. Brownfield was one of three applicants who did not work at the prison.

Charles “Chuck” Campbell, a shop steward for United Mine Workers Local 9113, questioned the decision to hire an outsider over the two employees who have experience working at the jail.

“I put in an application for lieutenant and was never called for an interview,” said Campbell, who has 19 years’ experience at the county jail. “After all these years, our people have been putting in applications for lieutenant, and we can’t move up. We don’t even get an interview.”

Carnicella said Campbell was interviewed for a lieutenant’s position in 2013, but he was not the recommended candidate.


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