Son Defends Mom from Home Intruder

By Evan Axelbank, FOX 13 News, June 11, 2014

The blood, the stuff all over their home, the broken window, are nothing compared to the sight of Tobarus Johnson.

Janet Hunt was in her bedroom, and when she turned around, there he was, according to police.

“(It was) terrifying,” said Hunt. “If you could have only seen the look in his eyes, I was scared.”

He snatched her purse.

“He took my purse, my medication and my money,” said Hunt.

Her son, David Hunt, heard the commotion.

“I heard my momma screaming, so, I ran,” said Hunt. “I put him in a headlock and tried to wrestle him down. I grabbed what I could, a knife, I started stabbing him a couple of times.”

The brawl was on. Janet who has trouble walking, fell in front of the door.

The two men were crashing around the apartment.

At one point, Johnson allegedly grabbed the knife from Hunt and tried to stab him, though unsuccessfully.

“That man is a lunatic,” said David Hunt. “He’s crazy for coming into somebody’s house.”

Johnson made an even bigger exit.

“I don’t know how he got through that little window,” said neighbor Jimmy Miller.

Johnson crashed headfirst through the window, severely cutting himself, and ran off.

That’s when neighbors stepped in.

Miller is one of several who chased the bleeding Johnson several blocks.

“He looked like he was cut up pretty bad when he jumped out the window. He started staggering.”

They held him until police arrived.

The pocketbook never left Janet’s sight, thanks to her son’s quick reflexes.

“I guess I did what anybody would do for their mother,” said David Hunt.

“He’s my hero,” said Janet Hunt. “If he hadn’t been here, God only knows what might have happened. He was afraid he was going to jail, but I was telling him, baby, you defended me. You have a right to defend yourself in your own home.”

Johnson is recovering from critical injuries he got when he jumped through the window. Police say he has a long criminal history and will face a number of charges.


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