Black “Wilding” Mobs in Chicago to Get Police Escorts

From, June 6, 2014

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has been able to find a multitude of factors to blame for the violence gripping Chicago.

Already cited have been pilgrims and “government sponsored racism,” and he even compared Chicago gun crime and violence to Sarah Palin’s television show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

But his most recent statements, explaining the Chicago Police Department will respond to rampant “wildings” (black mob violence) with escorts by police officers, has caught the attention of one noted critic of an ongoing pandemic of violence across the country.

It was because the statements confirmed violence that hadn’t been reported.

Colin Flaherty, author of the book “‘White Girl Bleed A Lot’: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It,” told WND he was stunned to learn of black mob violence in Chicago on Memorial Day when McCarthy discussed changing police procedure in dealing with these threats.

“Trying to pay attention to the news of all the stories of black mob violence happening across [America] is a fulltime job, and for Supt. McCarthy to let slip that mass violence happened in Chicago over Memorial Day, and went completely unreported by the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and local affiliates there is big news,” he told WND.

In a story reported on CBS Chicago, McCarthy said the department, “has a strategy in place to deal with so-called ‘wilding’ incidents, which become all-too-common along Rush Street, Michigan Avenue, and at the city’s most popular beaches in the summer months.”

He’d go on to say, “You all know what happens during the summer months on Michigan Avenue, and we have a strategy to prevent these mobs of kids from coming up and causing mayhem downtown.”

Black mobs routinely terrorize cities across the country, but the media and government are silent. Read the detailed account of rampant racial crime in “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”

Noting police responded to a handful of black mob attacks in Chicago last weekend using this tactic, Flaherty said the new policy McCarthy is touting is basically “escorting around these black mobs throughout the city, making sure they don’t get in to much trouble.”

This policy was successfully used with NATO protestors. The CBS Chicago article reports the strategy works this way: “Police formed cordon lines around the groups of teens and followed them around to prevent them from causing trouble.”

“As I noted in my book, Chicago has been – since the election of Barack Obama in 2008 – one of the cities in America where intense, concentrated black mob violence has been the most dramatic,” Flaherty said.

“And it’s also been one of the cities where the media response to denying it and defaming those who recognize the problem has been the most dramatic as well.”

Flaherty pointed out McCarthy’s response to the problem of black mob attacks and crime is not only to point fingers at pilgrims or Sarah Palin as the cause of the violence or to ensure police escorts for those participating in “wildings,” but it is completely opposite of the actions taken by Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Craig has warned citizens of Detroit to arm themselves and “fight back” against the violence in the city, a far cry from giving escorts to “wilding” attackers in Chicago, said Flaherty.

“More and more people in Chicago are wondering how the local papers and network affiliates could miss hundreds of black people rampaging through their … upscale downtown. It’s getting more and more obvious these folks will do whatever it takes to excuse, condone, deny and even lie about racial violence in Chicago,” he said.

“That is why more and more people in Chicago are wondering why city officials and media leaders are so dead set against them having guns to defend themselves. They point to Chief Craig of Detroit who, in January, told citizens the truth: His department could not protect them from the violence that is now routine. He advised them to get a gun and learn how to use it. Many did just that. And since then, more than a dozen people in Detroit have been shot trying home invasions. Even so, the Detroit News tried to flip the script: ‘The city’s police chief insists his vocal support of responsible gun owners is not to blame for a recent rash of homeowners shooting intruders.’”

Getting back to the censored black mob attacks in Chicago over Memorial Day, Flaherty said, “It’s amazing these attacks took place over the Memorial Day weekend, but the first time any local media heard about it was almost a week later. Except for Second City Cop, the well read police website in Chicago. Their readers – including lots of police – started posting and talking about all the black mob violence in the upscale Gold Coast almost right away. They reported dozens of cases of large groups of black people getting off public transportation, and assaulting, robbing and creating mayhem. But some people did not believe them because there was no video tape. So when the superintendent of police came out and said in an almost off-handed way that they had experienced six cases of ‘wilding’ or whatever silly term they are using to call black mob violence this month, that was startling to the deniers of racial violence. Some were insisting these attacks did not exist because they had not seen them on video.”



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