5 Shocking Things Obama Said Before He Bacame President

From http://www.americanprosperity.com, March 2014

If you’ve been carefully watching Obama’s presidency, it is undeniable that he’s been consolidating power in the executive branch.

Representative Trey Gowdy has recently taken to calling it an “imperial presidency” and based on Obama’s recent actions, Gowdy’s description is not far off the mark.

But if you listen to what Senator Barack Obama said before he won the presidency, you’d think he was a completely different person. See for yourself…

QUOTE 1: “These last few years we’ve seen an unacceptable abuse of power, having a president whose priority is expanding his own power.”

QUOTE 2: “No law can give Congress a backbone if it refuses to stand up as a co-equal branch the Constitution made it.”

QUOTE 3: “What do we do with a president who can basically change what Congress passed by attaching a letter saying I don’t agree with this part or that part.”

QUOTE 4: “I taught the Constitution for 10 years. I believe in the Constitution.”

QUOTE 5: “One of the most important jobs of the Supreme Court is to guard against the encroachment of the executive branch on the power of the other branches. And I think the Chief Justice has been a little too willing and eager to give the president more power than the Constitution originally intended.”

Is this the same Barack Obama that’s currently the President of the United States? Apparently so.

Either Obama has a severe case of amnesia… or… he’s a brilliant pathological liar.

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