Chester, SC Chief of Police Says City Councilman, a Former Police Officer, Threatened Him

From, March 11, 2014

State investigators took statements from members of Chester City Council Tuesday, after the Chief of Police filed a police report claiming a councilman intimidated him.

Councilman Odell Williams said he did have a confrontation with Chester Police Chief Andre Williams after Monday night’s meeting, but did not threaten him.

Councilman denies he threatened police chief's life

Chester, SC City Councilman Odell Williams

“I know there was no threat. There was no weapon involved. No physical contact on anyone,” said O. Williams.

The argument began after the council wrapped up its executive session Monday night. O. Williams said he walked into the bathroom, and Chief Williams immediately stopped his conversation with a Major.

“I made the statement, ‘Why’d you stop talking when I came in?’ and they said they were just through talking,” recalled the councilman, “then he would say something, and I would say something. We went back and forth as we walked outside, a few words exchanged.”

The Chief said those words included threats to his life and racial slurs.  According to the incident report, Chief Williams claims the councilman said “I have my stuff on me now and I’m not afraid to use it” among other threats.  Odell Williams said he did not have a gun with him, but did admit to using the n-word.

“At one time, I did make a statement with the n-word in it and that’s the only thing I hate most that has come out of this whole thing,” admitted O. Williams, “there used to be an old saying, “I’d kill a n-word” and I said it, but that wasn’t at him. That’s the only thing I do certainly regret.”

Odell Williams was a Chester Police officer for 23 years. He said while he does not like Chief Andre Williams, he does respect the uniform and would never threaten an officer of the law.

State Law Enforcement Division agents are looking into the Chief’s claims. No one has been charged with anything at this time.


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