Victim of Pittsburgh Carjacking Nabs Suspects Himself — a Day Later

From The Tribune-Review by Michael Hasch, February 5, 2014

Two suspected carjackers crashed the vehicle they stole this week into a car driven by an angry pizza delivery driver who ran after and tackled them in Spring Garden on Wednesday afternoon.

The two are believed to have been among the same teens armed with what appeared to be a shotgun and handgun who beat and robbed the pizza driver on Tuesday night in Northview Heights before stealing his car — the same one they were driving when they crashed into him during a police chase on Wednesday, city police Lt. Kevin Kraus said.

“The same guy! Can you believe it! What are the odds of that happening?” Kraus asked with a laugh.

Inomjon “Jon” Madumarov, 29, a native of Uzbekistan who works as a delivery driver for Riviera Pizza on Spring Garden Avenue, was driving around looking for his stolen vehicle when he saw it being chased by undercover police officers and decided to try to stop the suspects himself, said Azam “Alex” Fayz, the pizza shop manager.

“He said he saw that the car was driving too fast, and he was afraid it would hit some kids and those on the street,” Fayz said, translating for Madumarov.

“He said he knows the area really well and guessed where they were going so he went there and tried to block them,” Fayz said. The collision occurred at Spring Garden Avenue and Arcola Way.

The culprits — later identified as 15-year-olds who will be charged as adults — ran off with Madumarov and the two undercover officers chasing them.

“He said he didn’t know he could run that fast, that God was helping him,” Fayz said. “He ran so hard that he was even faster than the police. He jumped and took them both to the ground at the same time.”

A toy gun was found in the stolen car, Kraus said.

Madumarov, whose passport and other important documents were stolen in the carjacking, said young people should appreciate living “in a big and peaceful country like America” and “go to school and work hard” instead of terrorizing the streets, Fayz said.


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