Obama: Schmoozing With Terrorists and Tyrants at Mandela Memorial

From The New American by William F. Jasper, December 18, 2013

At the December 10 memorial for Nelson Mandela, President Obama joined a sordid lineup of heads of state — a UN-style dictators’ club — to lavish unstinted praise and adulation upon the former president of South Africa, who died on December 5. In his eulogy, President Obama compared Mandela to America’s Founding Fathers and referred to him as “a giant of history” and “the great liberator,” invoking Mandela’s name as an inspiration for the advancement of freedom, justice, equality, and human rights throughout the world.

Obama: Schmoozing With Terrorists and Tyrants at Mandela Memorial

However, as The New American has reported for decades, the carefully constructed sainted image of Mandela is marred by a host of facts and overwhelming documentary evidence, to wit:

* Mandela was, throughout his entire adult career, not only an underground member of the violent, Soviet-directed South African Communist Party, but was also a top leader, a member of the Central Committee of the SACP.

* Mandela worked closely for decades with Joe Slovo, head of the SACP (and a Soviet KGB colonel) to help the Reds take control of the African National Congress and purge it of all leaders who opposed the SACP’s Soviet ties and Communist terrorist tactics. (The photo below shows Mandela and Slovo giving the communist clenched-fist salute in front of a large image of the Soviet hammer & sickle.)

Mandela and Slovo

• Mandela and Slovo were appointed by the SACP as the co-leaders of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the Communist-created terrorist group that viciously tortured and murdered thousands of black South Africans, as well as whites, often employing the ANC’s signature “necklace” method of terror/torture/murder.

• Mandela steadfastly denied, time after time over the decades, his membership in the SACP and Umkhonto we Sizwe, but on the day after his death, the SACP released a statement acknowledging that he had been a top SACP leader all along. This admission is also an admission that Mandela was a lifelong liar.

• Those who argue that the SACP/Umkhonto we Sizwe ties belong to an earlier, younger Mandela and shouldn’t reflect on his later, wiser years, must deal with the facts of his continued involvement in and support for  the organizations to the end of his days, and the video of him singing the Umkhonto we Sizwe anthem, a genocide song used to stir up black mobs to kill whites.

Not surprisingly, the Mandela memorial attracted many of the world’s worst oppressors, all of whom joined President Obama in posturing for “peace,” “justice,” “freedom,” and “democracy.”

President Obama went out of his way to meet and shake hands with Cuban Communist dictator Raul Castro (see photo at right), who, together with his more infamous brother Fidel, has ruled the island prison-state with an iron fist, since 1959. Reportedly, the meet-up was scripted to appear as a chance encounter at the memorial, but had been carefully choreographed as part of an overture by the Obama administration to begin normalization of U.S.-Cuba relations.

Raul Castro and President Obama

Far less known than Castro, but now casting a much larger shadow, as leader of the most populous nation in Latin America, with the largest economy, is Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff a lifelong communist activist, who was actually a “most wanted” terrorist in her youth (much like President Obama’s friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the unrepentant Weather underground terrorists). Rousseff’s police mug shot after her capture is shown below.

Like Mandela, Rousseff’s radicalism was not merely a youthful indiscretion; she continues on the same path, as this recent Brazilian news video of her addressing a large Communist gathering demonstrates — on a stage flanked by giant portraits of Marx and Lenin and festooned with flags and symbols sporting the communist hammer and sickle. She is also a longtime member and participant in the notorious Sao Paulo Forum, an annual gathering of dictators and terrorist leaders. Among the many communist-style programs she has foisted on Brazil is the criminal, forced removal (at gunpoint, using the military) of whole towns and thousands of Brazilians from their ancestral homes in the name of environmental “sustainability.”


By embracing and kissing Rousseff at the memorial — an image that not only flashed around the planet but was used extensively by the pro-Rouseff media in Brazil — President Obama gave the impression that the most powerful nation in the world fully supports her pro-communist regime.


Among the many other notables at the memorial, whose presence and prominence belied the much-stated claims of eulogists’ commitments to peace, justice and liberty, were (to name only a few):

• Mahmoud Abbas, successor to Yasser Arafat as head of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorist group and president of the Palestinian National Authority since 2005.

• Li Yuanchao, vice president of Communist China

• Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s own president, whose lifelong involvement in the terrorist SACP/ANC/ Umkhonto we Sizwe is accented by recent video of him leading a mob in vicious song that urges the murder of white (Boer) South Africans.


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