Another Communist Terrorist Leader Dies: Nelson Mandela

From by John Galt, December 5, 2013

Few of us seem to remember the 1970′s and to say that I have anything good to say about Nelson Mandela, alive or dead, would be a lie. As the leader of the terrorist organization known as the African National Congress (ANC) he implicitly supported decades of violence which lead to the end of the apartheid system and replaced the government in Johannesburg with a Neo-Marxist extremist regime which has take a first world nation and turned it into a disease infested third world basket case.


His passing should be greeted with the same disdain as the death of Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, or Nicolae Ceaușescu was. Instead the propaganda arm of the United States known as the mainstream media will forget the assassinations of random white and black citizens in South Africa, the “necklacing” which he turned a blind eye to and thus de facto endorsed, and of course, his association with terrorist regimes around the world be they the P.L.O. or evil government of Angola during the era of Civil War in the 1970′s throughout that region.

If my readers think that this is some reach or fantasy created by a right wing extremist, I would suggest actually opening up a history book on the subject or engaging in some actual research other than accepting Obama’s version of history. The UK Telegraph covered this story almost one year ago on December 8, 2012 when the research from British Professor Stephen Ellis brought to light the following:

The former South African president, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, has always denied being a member of the South African branch of the movement, which mounted an armed campaign of guerrilla resistance along with the ANC.

But research by a British historian, Professor Stephen Ellis, has unearthed fresh evidence that during his early years as an activist, Mr Mandela did hold senior rank in the South African Communist Party, or SACP. He says Mr Mandela joined the SACP to enlist the help of the Communist superpowers for the ANC’s campaign of armed resistance to white rule.

His book also provides fresh detail on how the ANC’s military wing had bomb-making lessons from the IRA, and intelligence training from the East German Stasi, which it used to carry out brutal interrogations of suspected “spies” at secret prison camps.

As evidence of Mr Mandela’s Communist party membership, Prof Ellis cites minutes from a secret 1982 SACP meeting, discovered in a collection of private papers at the University of Cape Town, in which a veteran former party member, the late John Pule Motshabi, talks about how Mr Mandela was a party member some two decades before.

In the minutes, Mr Motshabi, is quoted as saying: “There was an accusation that we opposed allowing Nelson [Mandela] and Walter (Sisulu, a fellow activist) into the Family (a code word for the party) … we were not informed because this was arising after the 1950 campaigns (a series of street protests). The recruitment of the two came after.”

While other SACP members have previously confirmed Mr Mandela’s party membership, many of their testimonies were given under duress in police interviews, where they might have sought to implicate him. However, the minutes from the 1982 SACP meeting, said Prof Ellis, offered more reliable proof. “This is written in a closed party meeting so nobody is trying to impress or mislead the public,” he said.

Although Mr Mandela appears to have joined the SACP more for their political connections than their ideas, his membership could have damaged his standing in the West had it been disclosed while he was still fighting to dismantle apartheid.

Africa was a Cold War proxy battleground until the end of the 1980s, and international support for his cause, which included the Free Nelson Mandela campaign in Britain, drew partly on his image as a compromise figure loyal neither to East nor West.

(Excerpted from the article: Nelson Mandela ‘proven’ to be a member of the Communist Party after decades of denial)


In other words, much like our current President’s history, the myth of the man is far more entertaining than the actual history. His entire reputation as a peacemaker and one who had no political interests within the Cold War era was built on a lie; a lie the leftist media in the United Kingdom, United States, and other Western governments were more than happy to propagate.

The USSR had a key reason for destabilizing the Republic of South Africa (RSA) as during the 1970′s, that nation was viewed as a threat to communist expansion and domination; especially after reports of the successful development of and deployment of functional nuclear weapons (rumored to have been developed in concert with the Israel). Thus the pressure was increased by the Soviets with extra aid being funneled into rebel movements within Rhodesia, Mozambique, Southwest Africa (now Namibia), and of course Angola via the deployment of Cuban troops.

The covert support from Eastern bloc countries like East Germany, Romania, and the USSR in addition to other material and political support by other satellite states helped to keep the ANC functioning as the conflict expanded and wore down the resolve of nations like the United States to support its ally in the RSA. When Jimmy Carter became President, the entire region was basically sacrificed, along with tens of thousands of black and white citizens so the radical Marxist movements could win supremacy, first in world political opinion, then ultimately by allowing these dominoes to fall into chaos.


The entire region was completely self-sufficient. The economic expansion which was continuing from the 1960′s through the 1970′s would have eventually brought the collapse of the racial separation, as capitalism ultimately forces freedom upon governments.

Instead, actors like Mandela, Robert Mugabe, and others destroyed the breadbasket of Africa and created a two decade plus era of poverty, starvation, disease, and dysfunction. Others may celebrate, but I shall continue to remind everyone about the truth behind the man.

One Response to “Another Communist Terrorist Leader Dies: Nelson Mandela”

  1. Karabo Nkabinde Says:

    From what I read, you’re a type of writer who uses “gut-feeling” as a point of reference. Instead of leaning on the internet for information, you should visit a country sometime, a talk to people who have not been indoctrinated with falsehoods. Clearly you’ve never been to South Africa, where even a majority of whites, have admitted to South Africa being better not only socially, but economically since the demise of a system that spend all the countries money on buying weapons and methods of enforcing apartheid. Words like “third-world”, “desease”, inform of the fact that you’ve never been anywhere near South Africa, so to against defend the claims, would be to dignify this ignorance ridden article. What’s important, is that you realize that anybody who has any form of objectivity, can tell that this article was written by a pervert, who derives pleasure from hatred. For somebody like the type I know you are, you’re better off using your internet connection watching porn (as I know you do), and leave the politics to those who actually know something.

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