FBI Report Names Chicago as the Murder Capital of America

FOX 32 New, Chicago, September 19, 2013 Chicago has been called The City of Big Shoulders, The Windy City and even The Second City. But according to a newly released report by the feds, our city is now the murder capital of the United States.

Chicago is second to none when it comes to the numbers of murders our detectives handle. We are number one in the country when it comes to homicides in 2012.

To be fair, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has pointed out many times, this year, that crimes numbers are down. These newly released numbers by the FBI are from 2012.

The numbers come from the agency’s report called “Crime in the United States.”

According to the FBI, they collect information on the violent crimes reported by law enforcement agencies around the nation. From murders to rapes and robberies, they crunched the numbers.

Chicago’s homicide division appears to be the busiest in the country, even though we are not the biggest city in the country – we’re the third largest. To have this distinction is certainly no honor.

According the report, Chicago had 500 murders last year. That was up sharply from 2011, when we had 431 murders.

Even though New York City is three times larger than Chicago in terms of population, that city recorded not only fewer numbers in 2012, but their numbers also went down year to year. Our numbers rose.

Following Chicago and New York City in homicide numbers were Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Baltimore.

Most of the murders are committed by criminals using guns, according to the FBI.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Supt. McCarthy have repeatedly touted a drop in crime this year. They have not reacted so far on Thursday.


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