Man Accused of Planning to Kidnap, Sexually Abuse and then Eat Children

From, September 15, 2013 courtesy of

A British citizen living in Boston is accused of planning to kidnap, rape, and eat children, police say.

40-year-old Geoffrey Portway’s home was searched by authorities last year after police caught wind of some disturbing online chats coming from his computer. (Via WTTE)

Portway allegedly chatted regularly about raping, killing, cooking, and eating children. He also reportedly exchanged thousands of computer images and videos of child pornography with other users. (Via KSDK)

When police searched Portway’s home, they found a terrifying scene.

According to court documents released this week, investigators discovered a soundproofed torture room in Portway’s basement. The room included a restraint table, a child-sized coffin, a steel cage, and various butcher tools. (Via WBZ-TV)

According to the documents, Portway called his basement a dungeon where he was going to “keep kidnapped children while he sexually abused them and as a place to eventually murder and cannibalize the children.” (Via Metro)

Portway was arrested and charged with distribution and possession of child pornography and solicitation to commit a crime of violence back in May. He first pled not guilty, but later changed his plea to guilty.

His sentence is scheduled for September 27, and he faces up to 27 years in prison. (Via Sky News)

Two other men who chatted with Portway about cannibalism online have already been convicted.

According to police, one was a puppeteer who plotted with Portway to kidnap children he knew from his work at a local Florida church. (Via Huffington Post)


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