Homeowner Stands Up to Thieves, Waits an Hour for DPD

From http://www.myfoxdetroit.com, August 27, 2013

Patricia Jones’ dogs sounded the alarm.

When they wouldn’t stop barking, she took a look out her front door and noticed a man taking bricks out of her flowerbed. Then she looked farther out, and saw four men taking the wheels off a possible stolen car they’d parked in front of her house. They were using the bricks to hoist the car in the air.

Jones went outside, and that’s when the confrontation started.

“He pointed a gun at me like this, and he said, ‘Get your ass back in the house. Your life [isn’t] worth … two bricks,'” Jones tells Fox 2’s Maurielle Lue.

Jones went back in the house and called 911, then went back outside. She told the suspect police have the license plate number of the car, and knew they were stealing it along with her landscaping bricks.

But police didn’t come in time.

In fact, they came nearly an hour later – long after the thieves were gone.

When Jones asked Police Dispatchers where the Officers’ were, she says they told her DPD was in the middle of a roll-call, and no police cars are dispatched during that time.

A spokeswoman from DPD says they have no such policy, and cars are dispatched based on availability.


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