Why Trayvon Martin Is Dead

From cedarposts.blogspot.com, July 22, 2013

Trayvon Martin is dead because his parents failed to prepare him for life, and because African Americans are viewed as potential threats by other races, police and society in general.

Trayvon Martin is dead because rather than walk straight to the home where is father was staying was wandering around the streets, and because he was angry and because he thought Zimmerman was a good way to take out his frustration.

Trayvon Martin is dead because he decided to confront and attack the creepy cracker following him.

Trayvon Martin is dead because African Americans have a sense that they are “owed” something by whites and this thinking is learned behavior.

Trayvon Martin is dead because George Zimmerman refused to be a another victim of an attack by an African American thug.

I personally know dozens of people who happen to be black, they are my friends, employees, clients and neighbors. They are not thugs, but they are victims of their own race, of their own color and they are helpless to change the fact that they are often perceived as criminals and threats.

But they are smart enough to throw off the stereotype, they act different, they dress different, they are different. They often go to extremes to present an image that is anti thug, that is anti ghetto rat, and that is law abiding. They have managed to lift themselves above the stereotype.

Are they racially profiled? Every day, by everyone.

Trayvon Martin had a chance to disprove George Zimmerman’s assumption of another thug looking to break in to someone’s home. But he decided to confirm for eternity that he indeed was a thug.


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