Obama, Al, and Jesse Say Zimmerman Verdict Would Have Been Different if Zimmerman was Black, but in 1992 a Black Man was Acquitted in Florida After Killing a White Teen Vandal

Man Who Shot Vandal Goes Free

From The Ocala Star-Banner, November 22, 1992, Page 2B

By The Associated Press

Jacksonville, Florida:

A man who killed a teen-ager who vandalized his home in the middle of the night should not be punished, a jury decided Saturday.

A six member jury acquitted Adrian Crump after an emotional six-day trial and five hours of deliberations on Saturday.

As the not-guilty verdict was read, the parents of Danny Adams sat in stunned silence.

Crump, a career Navy man and father of four, fatally shot the 15 year-old student in February, after Adams used a rock and a slingshot to shatter Crump’s bedroom window.

“He’s a murderer,” Danny’s mother, Vicki Adams, shouted at Crump as he and his family left the courtroom. “He murdered my son.”

Crump’s attorney, Thomas Fallis, told reporters that his client never should have been charged with a crime.

“It is tragic that this young man died,” Fallis said. “Its equally tragic that Adrian Crump had to be put through something like this.”

Earlier Saturday, jurors listened to three hours of closing arguments from Prosecutors and Crump’s attorney.




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