Federal Judge Rules in Civil Suit Against Former Charlotte, NC Officer

From http://www.charlotte.news14.com, by Dave Kermodle, June 10, 2013

A federal judge has ruled in what is thought to be the last suit against former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer Marcus Jackson.

In 2010, Jackson pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting six women while serving for the department.

On Monday, two of those victims were in federal court. Their attorney Matt Arnold says his clients want closure.

“It is something they have lived with for a long time and as you can image,” said Arnold.

During that time the two women Arnold represent have been locked-in a lengthy legal process.

“I think this is about the last civil matters associated with these circumstances and this is the very last hearing with our case,” said Arnold.

Monday in federal court, Arnold’s clients testified Jackson pulled them over for speeding in 2009. They said Jackson asked the women to step out of the car and be subjected to a search. The women said Jackson touched them inappropriately.

One of the victims testified she now fears police officers. The other victim said she is uncomfortable around men.

U.S. District Judge Graham Mullens ruled the victims are entitled to more than $500,000 in damages. He said it’s unlikely they’ll collect a nickle of that money.

Jackson is currently out of jail after serving a two-year sentence. The victims and Judge Mullens said Jackson received a slap on the wrist and should have received more jail time.

News 14 Carolina stopped by Jackson’s house in west Charlotte. Someone there told us he would not make a comment about the case.


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