Detroit Officer: I couldn’t Arrest Suspect Before Raid

A Detroit police officer on Wednesday defended his decision to not arrest a murder suspect a few hours before a raid to snare the man led to the death of a sleeping 7-year-old girl.

Raymond Trammell told jurors at the involuntary manslaughter trial of a fellow police officer that conditions on the street were too dangerous that night in 2010 and that the capture of Chauncey Owens would have violated policy.

Trammell described how Owens came close to his unmarked car, but that his job was to monitor the suspect, not spring from the vehicle and pounce on him.

“Dealing with the people out there, vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic, him with another male — putting myself in that situation is highly dangerous,” Trammell said.

His superior, Sgt. Anthony Potts, told jurors that Trammell’s decision was correct.

Trammell and Potts testified at the trial of Joseph Weekley who accidentally fired his gun during the police raid to capture Owens, killing Aiyana Stanley-Jones as she slept on a couch.

Prosecutors allege Weekley committed a crime by failing to properly control his gun. Weekley, however, claims the gun fired when Aiyana’s grandmother reached for it during chaotic moments after a stun grenade was used to confuse people inside the home.

The raid was recorded by a crew from the police reality show, “The First 48.” The jury saw short bits of video Tuesday.


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