American Gestapo: Boston Bombing Reveals Washington’s True Colors

by Jerry Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, April 24, 2013

The Gestapo-like tactics that were implemented in Boston last week by the military-style police forces are just a small sign of things to come in America… including a large spike in military-style drones flying over — and spying on — American cities as well as a new influx of high definition security cameras in major U.S. cities.

American Gestapo: Boston Bombing Reveals Washington's True Colors

As we expected, the power hungry elites in Washington are using the Boston bombings to force a false choice on the American “sheeple”.

And they are using the corporate-controlled media to spread their delusional attempts at a massive power grab.

The talking heads on TV will put forth reasoning that will sound something like this…

Which would you prefer if a “terrorist” is loose in your town?

1) Armed policemen enacting martial law in your city, imposing curfews, and conducting door-to-door searches while holding your family at gunpoint?


2) Heat-seeking military drones flying over your city peering into your homes in a search for the “terrorist” in order to “keep you safe?”

Apparently these are the only two options that Washington is prepared to consider.

This choice is entirely fabricated. Americans can say “no” to both choices. Unfortunately, with the recent passage of the unpatriotic Patriot Act and the outrageous National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, American citizens can now be detained indefinitely strictly based on suspicion. No evidence is needed and the decision cannot be questioned by the American public.

After being subjected to martial law, mobs of Bostonians rushed into the streets holding American flags while chanting “U.S.A, U.S.A.” It was appalling to witness the birthplace of early revolt applaud the military-industrial complex rolling through its streets armed to the teeth. Bostonians have just had their most basic rights infringed upon. It is no jubilant matter. Any American who considers this type of police behavior commendable or even acceptable should be ashamed to call themselves a patriot.

The government shakedown of Boston is a sign of things to come.

In his farewell speech, highly decorated General and former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against the threat posed by the creeping influence of something he referred to as the “Military-Industrial Complex.” Today, that complex also includes the corporate-controlled mainstream media. 95% of the media consumed by the American people every day is framed, produced, and edited by U.S. corporations. As profit-seeking entities, these massive media conglomerates are not benevolent institutions committed to keeping you informed and safe. Instead, their reports are designed to drive more value for shareholders. If you trust the mainstream media, it is time you woke up to this reality. And if you are just waking up, don’t feel too bad. I was totally unaware of these facts until I began doing my own investigation in the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. It took me three years to fully grasp what was happening to our country.

Consider these treasonous words from Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina):

“The homeland is part of the battlefield and people can be held without trial whether an American citizen or not.”

It is common knowledge that the Department of Homeland Security has been preparing for combat through the purchase of instruments of war. These include: Approximately 1.6 billion hollow-point bullets, 7,000 fully automatic assault weapons, 2,700 MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles, and an increasing number of military-style unmanned aerial drones.

Make no mistake. These are weapons of war. So, who is DHS planning on waging a war against?


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