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Motorcyclist Clocked Going 193 mph on NY Highway

May 31, 2012

From The Associated Press, May 31, 2012

ROSENDALE, N.Y. (AP) — Authorities say a 28-year-old man in upstate New York has been charged with driving his motorcycle at nearly 200 mph on a highway in the rain.

State police say a trooper clocked Anthony Anderson of Poughkeepsie driving at 193 mph around 8 p.m. Wednesday in the southbound lanes of Interstate 87 just south of Albany — the same stretch of road where another motorcyclist was spotted doing 166 mph earlier this month.

The trooper was able to get a description of the high-performance bike and alerted nearby patrols.

Troopers eventually stopped Anderson in the town of Rosendale. He told them he was headed to a hospital to visit a patient.

Anderson was issued 14 traffic tickets, including one for speeding.

It couldn’t be immediately determined if he had a lawyer.


Obama Gives Presidential Medal of Freedom to Chair of Democratic Socialists of America

May 30, 2012

Presidential Medal of Freedom Awarded to Republican-Bashing Hugo Chavez Admirer Dolores Huerta

From The Blaze, May 29, 2012

The Presidential Medal of Freedom stands as the highest honor a civilian can receive from the President of the United States. Nor are potential recipients limited to civilians – some of the previous recipients have included UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, T. S. Eliot, William F. Buckley, Jr, Walter Cronkite and Ella Fitzgerald.

And now those august people have been joined by an openly socialist admirer of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who makes no secret of the fact that she believes that “Republicans hate Latinos,” and who encourages illegal immigrants to join with unions in agitating against their employers.

Yes, that’s right. Dolores Huerta, a favorite topic of coverage here on the Blaze for her unhinged behavior and beliefs, has just been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Watch President Obama’s brief speech on awarding her the medal below:

Well, to paraphrase a phrase that Huerta apparently coined, “Ella si puede.” Or, in English, “yes she can.”

In celebration of Huerta’s extraordinary accomplishment, here‘s a recap of some of the famed socialist’s greatest hits for your edification.

Dolores Huerta, Radical Farm Organizer, Mother of the Phrase

Huerta first came to the attention of the Blaze, as some of you may recall, in September of 2010, when our own Jon Seidl dug up this video:

Here’s what Jon wrote at the time:

[Huerta] does not keep her political leanings a secret. She is an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America and after praising dictator Chavez in 2006 for his policies in Venezuela, she asked, “why can’t we do that here in the United States?”

Got that? She’s an “honorary chair” of the Democratic Socialists of America. Just to get some perspective, here’s who else is an “honorary chair” of that august organization:

Honorary Chairs

Bogdan Denitch
Barbara Ehrenreich
Dolores Huerta
Eliseo Medina
Eugene “Gus” Newport
Frances Fox Piven
Gloria Steinem
Cornel West

One wonders how long it will be before Frances Fox Piven herself gets the Presidential medal of freedom. For now, back to Huerta. Glenn Beck, then still at Fox News, covered Huerta’s words on his show in a segment transcribed at Fox News. Here are the words he quoted from Huerta:

DOLORES HUERTA: The average pay of CEO of a Fortune 500 company is $3 million to $9 million a year. What are you going to do with all that money, right? I don’t care how much money you make. You can only eat three meals a day, you know? You can only wear one suit of clothes a day, you know?

So, the idea a lot isn’t wrong as long as use it for the people, like what Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela.[…]

HUERTA: They have 20,000 Cuban doctors that are coming to Venezuela. They are setting up these neighborhoods with factories and jobs for the people and the medical clinics and their co-op right there in every single neighborhood in Venezuela.

Now, we are the richest country in the world, right? So, why can’t we do that here in the United States?[…]

HUERTA: Our tema, our theme will be: Republicans hate Latinos, OK? Republicans hate Latinos.

Much later, in late March of this year, Huerta was specifically mentioned by name and honored by Labor Secretary Hilda Solis for her actions alongside Cesar Chavez, one of the few socialist agitators in America to attain almost universal political respect. The Blaze’s Becket Adams reported:

“Today, we celebrate one of America’s most powerful stories of courage and victory. The farm worker movement was begun by people who didn’t have money or clout. Many were new to this country and lived season to season,” Solis said before an audience that included Huerta.

“They were hard-working people of the land who asked only for dignity and fair treatment, and today we are proud to give them the Department of Labor’s highest honor.”

She continued:

I want to honor a trailblazer who was there from the very beginning. She’s a luchadora who endured arrests, death threats and beatings — a fearless woman who had her bones broken in the struggle but never her spirit. I’m proud to call her my teacher, my role model, and mi hermana. Brothers and sisters, let’s show our appreciation for one of the living legends of the farm worker movement, Dolores Huerta.

“Dolores worked mano a mano with one of the most celebrated icons of the American civil rights movement: the great César Estrada Chávez, who was inducted into our Hall of Honor in 1998,” Solis added.

For those who don’t know, a “luchadora” is a reference to the name for Mexican wrestlers, IE “Luchadors.” However, perhaps a better Spanish sport to compare Huerta’s performance to would be bullfighting, making Huerta a matador. After all, based on her record of public statements, Huerta certainly raises enough red flags.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agents Pressured and Threatened Zimmerman Witnesses to Change Statements

May 30, 2012

from, May 23, 2012

Breaking today was the story that witnesses in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case had changed their stories between the time they gave original statements to the Sanford Police and when FDLE investigators interviewed them.

“Evidence released last week in the second-degree-murder case against George Zimmerman shows four key witnesses made major changes in what they say they saw and heard the night he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford.

Three changed their stories in ways that may damage Zimmerman. A fourth abandoned her initial story, that she saw one person chasing another. Now, she says, she saw a single figure running.

They were re-interviewed in mid-March, after Sanford police handed the case off to State Attorney Norm Wolfinger. The case changed hands again when Gov. Rick Scott passed it on to a special prosecutor. Zimmerman was arrested April 11 on a charge of second-degree murder.

Here are the key ways in which their stories changed.

Witness 2

A young woman who lives in the Retreat at Twin Lakes community, where Trayvon was shot, was interviewed twice by Sanford Police and once by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

In her first recorded interview with Sanford police four days after the shooting, she told lead Investigator Chris Serino, “I saw two guys running. Couldn’t tell you who was in front, who was behind.”

She stepped away from her window, and when she looked again, she “saw a fistfight. Just fists. I don’t know who was hitting who.”

A week later, she added a detail when talking again to Serino: During the chase, the two figures had been 10 feet apart.

That all changed when she was reinterviewed March 20 by an FDLE agent. That time, she recalled catching a glimpse of just one running figure, she told FDLE Investigator John Batchelor, and she heard the person more than saw him.

“I couldn’t tell you if it was a man, a woman, a kid, black or white. I couldn’t tell you because it was dark and because I didn’t have my contacts on or glasses. … I just know I saw a person out there.”

Witness 12

A young mother who is also a neighbor in the same town-home community never gave a recorded interview to Sanford Police, according to prosecution records released last week. She first sat down for an audio-recorded interview with an FDLE Agent March 20, more than three weeks after the shooting.

During that session, she said she saw two people on the ground immediately after the shooting and was not sure who was on top, Zimmerman or Trayvon.

“I don’t know which one. … All I saw when they were on the ground was dark colors,” she said.

Six days later, however, she was sure: It was Zimmerman on top, she told trial prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda during a 21/2-minute recorded session.

“I know after seeing the TV of what’s happening, comparing their sizes, I think Zimmerman was definitely on top because of his size,” she said.

Witness 6

This witness lived a few feet from where Trayvon and Zimmerman had their fight.

On the night of the shooting, he told Serino he saw a black man on top of a lighter-skinned man “just throwing down blows on the guy, MMA-style,” a reference to mixed martial arts.

He also said the one calling for help was “the one being beat up,” a reference to Zimmerman.

But three weeks later, when he was interviewed by an FDLE agent, the man said he was no longer sure which one called for help.

“I truly can’t tell who, after thinking about it, was yelling for help just because it was so dark out on that sidewalk,” he said.

He also said he was no longer sure Trayvon was throwing punches. The teenager may have simply been keeping Zimmerman pinned to the ground, he said.

He did not equivocate, though, about who was on top.

“The black guy was on top,” he said.

But there is more. According to two law enforcement sources who spoke directly to me by phone today, told me that FDLE investigators used strong armed tactics to get witnesses to change their statements.

It’s a common investigative tactic. During my time in law enforcement these kinds of tactics occurred a lot. In the vernacular it’s called “guidance”. The law enforcement sources told me that FDLE investigators used such guidance and in one case actually threatened the witness with charges for “obstruction” if they didn’t “cooperate fully” with the FDLE investigation.

One of the witnesses that changed their statement told me:

“I really felt that no matter what I told them (FDLE Investigators) I saw and heard, they had a story in mind that they wanted me to articulate, not what I actually witnessed”

Yes, witnesses change their minds sometimes after time, but not in large groups. When you see this happen it almost always means that witnesses tampering took place.

Of course the law enforcement sources that spoke with me want to remain anonymous.

Judge Strikes Down NDAA, Rules Obama Must Obey Constitution

May 30, 2012

From by Doug Book, May 19, 2012

In a considerable setback for a president eager to ravage the due process rights of the American people, Federal Judge Kathleen Forrest granted a preliminary injunction on Wednesday, striking down those sections of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 which sought to provide Barack Obama the power to indefinitely detain citizens without benefit of their 5th Amendment rights.

Signed very quietly into law on New Year’s Eve, the controversial Act has been roundly criticized as unconstitutional by groups on both the political left and right. Of greatest concern was Section 1021, which grants the United States military authority to exercise police powers on American soil. Upon order of the president and at his sole discretion, agents of the military are empowered to detain “until the end of hostilities” anyone the president believes to have “substantially supported” al Qaeda, the Taliban, or “associated forces.”

Judge Forrest concluded that the Section “…failed to ‘pass Constitutional muster’ because its broad language could be used to quash political dissent.” In a statement clearly directed to lawmakers, she added,   ”Section 1021 tries to do too much with too little – it lacks the minimal requirements of definition and scienter that could easily have been added, or could be added, to allow it to pass constitutional muster.” That is, Congress failed—perhaps deliberately– to define “substantial support” of terrorist groups or describe those activities which might be construed as crossing the legal line. And no law may be enforced if those to whom it applies are unable to clearly understand what a violation of that law entails.

Nothing could more plainly reveal the rank corruption and lust for power of the Manchurian Candidate than his involvement in crafting and then misrepresenting the final text and authority of the NDAA. According to Democrat Senator Carl Levin, it was Obama himself who demanded American citizens be included under the detention law and that the President have exclusive authority to invoke the statute. “The language which precluded the application of Section [1021] to American citizens was in the bill that we originally approved…and the administration asked us to remove the language which says that U.S. citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section,” said Levin after the NDAA was signed into law.

Yet in his signing statement, Obama wrote that he had in fact forced Congress to “…[revise] provisions that otherwise would have jeopardized the safety, security and liberty of the American people.” So rather than the grand inquisitor, committing to prison any American citizens he chose to view as enemies, Obama claimed to be their champion and savior, protecting them from the excesses of an over-zealous Congress!

“I want to clarify that my Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens,” wrote Obama. “My Administration will interpret section 1021 in a manner that ensures that any detention it authorizes complies with the Constitution, the laws of war, and all other applicable law.” This of course was an outright lie, given the expressed meaning of the statute as Obama himself had demanded it be written. Leave it to Barack Obama to demand he be given absolute authority over the American public, yet claim in the next moment that he will not take advantage of it!

The Department of Justice, which defended the NDAA before Judge Forrest, will undoubtedly appeal her ruling. It is a judicial process Americans must watch closely as the free exercise of our Constitutional rights depends upon the outcome.

Pro-Obama Judges Are A Disgrace On Memorial Day

May 30, 2012

When men have died horrible deaths on foreign soil to protect the Constitution, can any man be forgiven when he ignores the Constitution to save his career?

From by Doug Book, May 29, 2012

In late January, Liberty Legal Foundation lead attorney Van Irion argued before Georgia Administrative Judge Michael Malihi that Barack Obama was constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of president because he did NOT satisfy the Article II requirement of being a “natural born citizen” of the United States. Irion’s argument was based on precedent derived from an 1875 Supreme Court ruling that stated:

“The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first.”

On February 3rd, Judge Malihi ignored this precedent of the 1875 court along with the language of the Constitution itself, claiming in a stunningly iniquitous ruling that Obama was indeed a natural born citizen and therefore eligible for the presidency, regardless of the fact his father was never a citizen of the United States. The contempt the judge displayed for ethical legal and judicial standards in arriving at this decision has been discussed at length by attorneys and lay people.

But attorney Irion has put the reprehensible conduct displayed by Judge Malihi and a number of his colleagues on the bench in terms far more important than those that describe only the legal improprieties. For three years, judges faced with the Obama eligibility question have been frightened into lawless decisions by the threat of negative repercussions to their judicial careers.

Yet, as Irion writes,  “when you consider how many Americans have suffered and died to protect our Constitution, it is amazing…that so many judges are so selfish that they are unwilling to simply uphold their oath of office and acknowledge the truth.”

Countless Americans have exhibited the extraordinary courage and honor necessary to sacrifice, even die, for their country and their heritage. But these qualities have become strangers to far too many in the American judiciary, causing citizens to lose all respect for both the meaning and rule of the law.

What a disgrace, that judges are too cowardly to defend with a pen the nation and Constitution so many have died defending with a gun.

Hawaii Senior Elections Clerk: “Barack Obama Was Not Born In Hawaii”

May 30, 2012

From by George Spelvin, May 29, 2012

“For starters, just because there is no long form birth certificate on file in Hawaii, that doesn’t rule out President Obama being born elsewhere in the United States, or even in Hawaii,” states Hawaii’s former Senior Election Clerk Timothy Lee Adams in his Masters Thesis that was signed off on by four English Department Deans at Western Kentucky University in partial fulfillment of the Requirement for Degree of Master of Arts, on June 13, 2011.

Adams was the Chief Elections Clerk (Pg. 30) for the City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii.  “On a temporary contract, I ran an office that verified voter eligibility that had a staff of about fifty people,” he also told radio  host James Edwards of the Liberty News Radio Network.  “Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii,” the former elections clerk continued. “It    (Pg. 31) was openly admitted by everyone in the office who was above me, at least my immediate supervisors, that there is no documentation.” Adams details the governmental databases and other means of authentication used included “NCIS, Social Security, all these other things we use on average voters; there were two people higher than me in our office, who are  under the City Clerk of Honolulu. . .” (Pg. 30)

Now Adams emphatically states in his Masters Thesis:  “. . .in my professional opinion, Barack Obama was NOT (emphasis added) born in the United States, and there is no Hawaii long-form birth certificate.” (Pg. 30, 31)  Contrast this man’s statement (a man who was vetted for military, civil, and academic service) with the Verification of Birth certified statement of State Registrar Alvin T. Onaka, signed and issued to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett on May 22, 2012. Onaka’s document says: “Pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes 338-14.3, I verify the following:  A birth certificate is on file with the Department of Health indicating that Barack Hussein Obama, II was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.”  Now Onaka’s 12 point official Department of Health document bearing the seal of the State of Hawaii also says, “Birthplace of Father: Kenya, East Africa,” providing official authentication and documentation that the sitting President of the United States does not carry the Natural Born Citizenship status as required by Article II, Sect. 1, clause 5, of our U.S. Constitution, the higher standard required to hold the office of President!

Adams details in his 96 page Masters document the enormous amount of vicious cyber attacks, intimidations, and ad hominem attacks lobbed at him from all sorts of political and media operatives.  Because he has had male patterned baldness since his youth, this now-47-year-old man was labeled a “Skinhead,” and even neighborhood children called him that while hurling pebbles at him.  Adams credits the GLOBE Celebrity Magazine, which did four features on him, as having treated him with the most decency and professionalism.  When a youtube video of his interview went viral, and the intimidation and threats became extremely intense, meetings were held, and he virtually went silent in the Land of Free Speech.     Additionally, Adams revealed that “We had a set of documents, fifty identity documents stolen out of the office, and they were all the voting records-the ballots that people sent in who were members of the U.S. Foreign Service around the Pacific rim.”  Adams goes on, “From there, things got really, really ugly,” and he left to finish his academic requirements in Hawaii and to move to Western Kentucky University “where I teach now.” (Pg. 32).  Apparently, these government dignitaries who had mailed in their absentee ballots did not want it revealed who they had voted for as it would have made it difficult for them to hold onto their jobs!

Adams says, “A lie has been told, and when a lie is obvious, the public’s just not going to go away.” And then he says this:  “President Obama’s official autobiography is false.” How does that compute with Onaka saying, “Additionally, I verify that the information in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama that you [ Arizona SoS Bennett] attached with your request matches the original record in our files”? Guess what, it does not.  And the public is not going away, either.


Will Obama Attempt To Declare Martial Law Before November Election?

May 30, 2012

From by Doug Book, May 15, 2012

Canada Free Press contributor Doug Hagmann has reported that a longtime friend and Department of Homeland Security official revealed to him “…the uppermost echelon of the DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States,” and not only “…expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it.”

According to Hagmann’s DHS source, the Obama Regime—which initiates Department agenda and dominates its thinking—will proceed by implementing “economic chaos, chaos through racial division and chaos through class division, all joined by Barack Hussein Obama and his stable of unelected czars.”

For three years, the Administration has worked to destroy the private sector and destabilize the value of the dollar. It has injected race and class into every argument, setting the stage for “summer riots” organized by Regime operatives. And when economic calamity and civil unrest are at their zenith, “…a false flag event against Obama or his family, something that will outrage ‘black America’ ” will be crafted, its purpose, to “…evoke the ugliest of reactions and create racial chaos in this country that will make the Watts riots, 1968 and the Rodney King riots pale in comparison.”

At this juncture, the federal government will be “forced” to take a hand for the well-being of the nation and the American public, of course. Martial law will be declared by an appropriately “reluctant” Barack Obama, who will offer a television persona clearly dis-inclined to the exercise of such staggering authority. Naturally, he will promise the duration of his absolute power to be brief and its use, strictly and fairly measured.  The 2012 election will–for the purposes of fairness and equity—be indefinitely postponed.

Although claims in the Canada Free Press article sound very much like the ravings of “tin foil hat”-wearing conspiracy theorists, it should be remembered who the enemy is, the extraordinary sweep and authority they have already attained, and the arrogance and lust for power that drives them.

These are people brazen and lawless enough to have placed a Manchurian Candidate in the White House. From politicians to journalists to judges, they have threatened into silence or collaboration any with the slightest inclination or ability to stand in their way. They have near-total ownership of the national media, a vitally important accomplishment in any plan to overthrow a government. They have absolute authority over the executive branch, giving them the ability to not only implement (or ignore) law and enforce it, but also the means and power to punish those who stand in their way. For only the executive has the ability to enforce its will as it is the only branch of government with armed troops and therefore the power of arrest and detention.

In short, nothing can be put past this group and, as a result, little can be considered too far from the realm of possibility.

It’s true that Americans are the most widely armed people in the world. But consider the indignities we have already endured and the way in which we have meekly surrendered liberty in the past. Why should anyone expect sudden bravery from a public that has exhibited little but sheepish submission over the past 5 decades?

Conspiracy theories or not, it will be a very interesting and potentially very dangerous campaign season.

The Planned Re-Election of Obama, Revolutionary Style

May 30, 2012

From Canada Free Press by Doug Hagmann, May 8, 2012

The Contact

It was not the proverbial 3:00 a.m. phone call, but close enough. And it was not made to the White House, but to my house, which is not white, nor is it in DC. It was about 2:30 a.m. on 25 April 2012, and the call itself was somewhat unexpected. I had anticipated the telephone call from my Department of Homeland Security insider much earlier the previous day, but our schedules didn’t synch up. I was traveling on an investigative assignment, while my source was in meetings all day. I had just fallen asleep, and was slumbering no more than 20 minutes when the phone rang.


In most households, a ringing phone at that time of night causes concern for everyone who hears it. In my household, it seems to surprise only my surly, 140 pound light-sleeping German Shepherd. He let out an objective grunt as I stepped over him to take the call in another room. It was “Rosebud,” the code name given my insider source.

About Rosebud

Just a little bit here about my source and his “super-secret code name.” I’ve known this government insider since 1979, when he first became a municipal patrol officer. He took a job in a bigger city and had a very successful run as a cop. Before retirement and after the events of 9/11, he was tapped by the feds, where he worked in various capacities under the umbrella of DHS. He worked his way up, and suddenly found himself in what he terms the inner sanctum of the “TEC” building. TEC, he explains, is an acronym for what he calls “The Estrogen Challenged,” which houses the upper echelon of the Department of Homeland Security. I’ll leave it at that.

As far as his code name, it originates from an incident that occurred at the end of the disco era. It is something that we both privately laugh about, but rarely ever talk about. His “code name” is known to him, me, and at the time, a young woman who has since vanished amid the glitter of disco balls and constant replays of the Bee Gees in a dark nightclub some 32 years ago, and has no “cloak and dagger” origins.

But he is real, his position serious, and his knowledge vast. Unfortunately, that’s what makes the whole situation frightening and deadly serious.

The information

It began on Wednesday, 2 May 2012 with a 45-minute interview on TruNews with Rick Wiles when I first disclosed the information I received the previous week from my source. The information I relayed “went viral,” as they say, across the internet.

To support the statements I made during that interview, I am showing my handwritten notes taken contemporaneously during our conversation. My notes consist of two pages and are, at various points,  admittedly difficult to decipher. I ask that points not be deducted for my penmanship given the time of the morning which they were taken.

According to my source, there is talk among the highest levels of the uppermost echelon of the Department of Homeland Security, which he describes as effectively under the control of Barack Hussein Obama. During this call, he said that the DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States. He then corrected himself, stating that “a civil war” is the more appropriate term. Certain elements of the government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it,” stated my source.

“The DHS takes their marching orders from the Obama administration, from Obama himself, but mostly from his un-appointed Czars. And Jarrett, especially Valerie Jarrett. Don’t think for a minute that the administration is doing anything to stabilize events in the U.S. They are revolutionaries, and revolutionaries thrive on chaos,” he added.

My source stated that he has not seen things this bad since he began working within DHS. “It’s like they [DHS agency heads] don’t care about what the American people see or feel about what the DHS agencies are doing. They figure that if the average American will put up with being ‘sexually groped and nuked’ just to fly, they’ll accept almost anything. That’s why their actions are becoming more overt.  It’s in your face and the brass actually chuckle about it” said my source.

New Information

Astounded by the information my source provided “going viral,” I spoke to him again early Sunday morning. This was a scheduled telephone call (as noted on page 2 of my notes) based on a high level meeting of DHS personnel that was scheduled for and took place in Chantilly, Virginia, on Saturday, 5 May 2012.  He hoped to provide me with more information to supplement that which he already given. Although he was not personally present, his source was. While he would not say who was at the meeting on Saturday or give its precise location, he said that the many of the names would be recognizable. He spoke to his source late Saturday night.

I contacted him on his cellular phone early Sunday morning to get the promised update.

“Geez, nice job on getting the word out about what’s really going on at DHS and in this administration,” were the first words out of his mouth, followed by “thanks a lot.” I asked him why he would be thanking me. “I just wanna’ tell you that I’m going to have to hire someone to start my car, and I’m surely not going for any rides in small planes in the immediate future,” he said with a bit of nervous laughter. “I hope no one finds out who I am or it’s going to be more than my pension I’ll have to worry about.”

“I can tell you word is getting out that people are starting to wake up, which is causing a lot of ‘pissed off brass.’  I can’t tell if they are more desperate or upset about the exposure, but the tone is starting to become a lot more tense. I hope that we’re having something to do with that,” he added.

With that, he provided me with additional information to supplement that which he already given me on 25 April. For clarity purposes, I have combined the information together from both contacts. The following information includes the updated information provided to me Sunday morning.

Obama the Revolutionary

Metaphorically speaking, there’s a revolution going on in the U.S., propped up by three legs. Economic chaos, chaos through racial division, and chaos through class division, all joined by one core element: Barack Hussein Obama and his stable of unelected czars. Obama is using the lessons learned in 1968 as the template for 2012, and many of those who were active in the late 1960s are now calling the shots for 2012.

“The Obama administration and many of the un-elected ‘czars,’ either directly or indirectly, are engaged in covert activities with the occupy movement, various labor protests, and other subversive activities inside the U.S.,” stated my source. Using untracked campaign funds, they are paying people to infiltrate the various movements to cause physical destruction of property and disrupt commerce. That began last year, but has increased ten-fold already this year,” stated this source. He added that they are using some lower level DHS agents to make the payments under the context of tracking subversives, but they are the unwitting subversives. “It’s like Fast & Furious” but in the social realm,” he added.

“Obama is using some high profile people as pawns to foment the revolution. I heard several times through very credible sources that [Louis] Farrakhan is on the CIA payroll. Other have been named as well, but I’m not prepared to identify them yet. Farrakhan is to coordinate the Blacks and the Muslims to prepare for riots this summer, using any means necessary.”

“Mentioned at the meeting Saturday were methods to use pawns to simulate the rioting in the Arab Spring countries, but to the benefit of this administration. A controlled chaos thing,” stated my source. They envision rioting starting in the urban areas first, such as New York and other major cities, followed by a disruption of business and commerce. This will allow the DHS to mobilize their various teams into the streets of America without objection of the people,” stated my source.

“They want to restrict travel, if not through high energy prices, then by checkpoints and curfews mandated by rioting and unrest. They understand we are the most well-armed nation in the world, yet they are aware of our vulnerabilities and intend to fully exploit them,” he added. The whole purpose is to keep Obama in office for another term, no matter how unpopular he is, as he is not finished changing our country from a Constitutional Republic. This is the run-up to the 2012 elections, or perhaps causing enough chaos to delay them – indefinitely.”

One statement that rattled me more than anything was that a great number of those already in power, whether in appointed or elected positions, actually want to see Obama stay in power, according to this source. “This is what we’ve been working toward and we’re closer now than we’ve ever been. If we lose now, we might not have another chance.”

This chilling common goal also explains the lack of interest in the Constitutional legitimacy of Obama. It is common knowledge that Obama is not an American, and neither is his agenda. Of course, criticism of his bona-fides feeds into the cries of racism, despite the massive fraud perpetrated on the American people. Party lines are meaningless when the common objective is the revolutionary overtaking of America.

Obama, the Professor of Keynesian Economics

“The Obama administration is working closely with Bernanke, Geithner and others not to save our economy, but to outright destroy it. He is not the first or only one to try this, but the most effective and most vetted for that purpose. Do you actually think that the fact that Timothy Geithner’s father worked with Obama’s mother in Indonesia was coincidental,” stated my source rhetorically. “What we’re seeing now is the fourth quarter of a game that started long ago, which also currently involves the Clintons. Obama would not be where he is if it were not for the Clintons, and to a lesser extent, Bush, but that’s for other reasons.  Don’t be fooled, the Clintons never left or lost power,” he added.

“There are file drawers full of papers, heavily guarded papers at the ‘TEC building’  so I can only imagine what’s in them, about international financial dealings going back decades. I do know, or at least I was told, that they involve organizations that are the so-called conspiracy fringe groups, such as the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, and people including George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and current leaders of big industry. Some are fossils. They’ve been around a long time. Others are up-and-coming. They’ve got one thing in common, though, and that is to put in place a global system of governance, including a common currency. Economics is a huge part of this revolution, and they want to replace the dollar, to see it collapse. They expect, that is, they are working toward this very goal, and when this happens, it will cause chaos like never seen before in the history of this country.”

“Why do you think Jon Corzine is not only walking around, but heavily involved in Obama fundraising? They know it’s just a matter of time that Europe will implode economically, and when it does, start counting the days before we see massive hyperinflation and the ultimate collapse of the U.S. dollar,” stated this insider.  “What will it look like in the streets of America when the general population realizes that there is no money? That’s right, chaos.”

Obama & the Planned Racial Divide

According to this insider, the Trayvon Martin case is just the tip of the iceberg. “You certainly don’t have to be a genius to understand how Obama and his team played the public on this issue, and it’s far from over. But that’s not the sole element of what we’ll see this summer.”

“Remember the shots fired at the White House not too long ago?” asked my source. There was an element of outrage that was squandered, according to ‘team Obama.’  In fact, Obama and some of his closest advisers, especially [Valerie] Jarrett were incredibly angered that the outrage was seemingly tempered. It should have been an opportunity to use our force against the Tea Parties, the gun clingers, the Constitutionalists, and everyone who has complained about Obama. DHS should have stepped in right then, and used that event to start the clampdown,” this source stated about White House comments.

This source stated that from that point on, the DHS must become more responsive and aggressive.

Watch for a false flag event against Obama or his family, something that will outrage ‘black America.’ It will be carefully choreographed, but executed in a manner that will evoke the ugliest of reactions and create racial chaos in this country that will make the Watts riots, 1968 and the Rodney King riots pale in comparison. That’s the third leg in this.”

The Planned End-Game

Does Obama look worried about the upcoming elections? Look at his lavish vacations, his limited work schedule, and those with whom he is working.  This is a very dangerous man who has, as his closest advisors, people who have orchestrated the revolutions of the 1960s. They know the “trigger points” in America.

The Obama administration, including his czars and along with his closet progressive supporters (socialist / communist), are planning a manufactured insurgency against America. He is using the media to his advantage to garner both sympathy and support for his unfinished goals. He is desperately seeking a way to remain in office, even if it means the surreal prospect of an indefinite postponement of elections – if it can be pulled off. So far, he’s got the support of the majority of the DHS “brass” behind him. According to my source: “They’re power hungry, and they want to remain in charge,” stated this source.

The “surreal” aspect of suspended elections won’t look so surreal when you see any or all of the “trigger points” take place in the not-so-distant future.

“The end-game plan for America is its destruction as a Constitutional Republic, with the assistance of the agencies under the umbrella of the DHS.”

My sourced stated one more thing that seemed to tie things together; he urged me to recall the quote by Henry Kissinger who was speaking at a Bilderberg meeting at Evian, France, on 21 May 1992:

Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.

That threat need not be from beyond. All it might take is a world of starving, broke and desperate people.

Obama Plans ‘Backdoor Amnesty’ For Illegal Aliens

May 30, 2012

Plan Would Grant ‘Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver’


The Obama Administration has once again created a “backdoor” amnesty that allows illegal immigrants to gain a “Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver” that puts them on a fast track to legal status.

The “Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver” rule change will fast-track amnesty passes to as many as one million illegal immigrants, granting them legal resident status.

Obama buried this rule change on page 19,902 of the Federal Register — in hopes that they could quietly implement the largest fast-track amnesty in recent history.

This rule change bypasses your Senators and your Representative and is the latest example of the Obama administration implementing its agenda with no accountability.

The end result is that illegal aliens who could otherwise be subject to a 3- or 10-year ban on re-entry into the U.S. can apply for their waiver while remaining in the United States and only have to leave the U.S. for as little as one week instead of months or years.

Tell Obama You Oppose The New Amnesty Waiver

The Department of Homeland Security has opened up a formal comment period on this rule change through June 1, 2012. Grassfire Nation is collecting petitions from citizens who oppose this new Amnesty Waiver and will deliver petitions to the Department of Homeland Security prior to the comments deadline. Please sign the petition below.

The Petition States:

As a concerned citizen, I am writing in opposition to the new proposed Department of Homeland Security Proposed Rule regarding “Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers” (published 4/2/12). This new Provisional Waiver actually grants illegal aliens temporary legal status in this country while their “provisional waiver” application is being processed and then puts the illegal alien on a fast-track to legal status. This is a reward for those who break our laws. It is expected that 1 million illegal aliens can gain a fast-track to legal status through this new provisional waiver. I oppose this and other efforts by the Obama Administration to weaken our immigration law and create a fast-track to legal status for lawbreaking illegal aliens.

To sign and send the petition to your members of the U.S. House and Senate, copy and paste the following link into your web-browser:

Cato Institute To Track ‘Bad Cops’

May 29, 2012

From, May 23, 2012 by

Cato To Track Bad Cops

The Cato Institute has launched an initiative focused on keeping an eye on incidents of misconduct by police.

The Cato Institute has launched an initiative focused on keeping an eye on incidents of misconduct by police throughout the United States.

Cato’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project grew out of the police abuse news feed, Injustice Everywhere, which founder and researcher David Packman shut down in April because he could no longer devote time to the project.

The project is now being headed up by Cato Director of the Project on Criminal Justice Tim Lynch, a leading voice in support of the Bill of Rights and civil liberties. His research interests include the war on terrorism, over-criminalization, the drug war, the militarization of police tactics and gun control. He has also served on the National Committee to Prevent Wrongful Executions.

Lynch writes: “The purpose of the project is to gather news reports about police misconduct in America in a fair and unbiased way. Our objective is to study the scope of the problem and to identify policies that can minimize misconduct.”

According to the site, police misconduct is not regularly examined in the United States and — in light of recent highly publicized examples — it is time to take a closer look at the problem.

The site also gives visitors the ability to report police misconduct if their stories are “supported by third-party witnesses or other compelling evidence.”