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Montana Congressman’s Amendment Protects Gun Owners from Unauthorized Obama Administration Tracking Policy

April 27, 2012


April 26, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, successfully offered an Amendment to fight an attempt by the Obama Administration to use an obscure regulatory process to track the purchases of firearms in four border states. Rehberg’s amendment to the FY13 Commerce, Justice and Science House Appropriations Bill would prevent the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) from using federal funds to track the purchases of gun owners who buy multiple rifles within a certain time period.

“While President Obama and his allies in Congress continue to undermine the Constitution, and infringe on our gun rights, I’ll keep fighting to ensure those rights are upheld,” said Rehberg, a member of the Second Amendment Task Force. “The ATF continues the effort to implement new gun control regulations without the approval of Congress, and, tragically, those efforts have included breaking our own country’s laws with the ‘Fast and Furious’ program.  My amendment tells the Ombaa Administration that Congress will not tolerate this.”

The ATF regulation, first proposed in December of 2010 and approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on July 11, 2011, requires federally licensed firearm dealers (FFLs) to file reports with ATF on all sales of two or more semi-automatic rifles within five consecutive business days if the rifles are larger than .22 caliber and use detachable magazines.  The requirement applies to dealers in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, but could be expanded to other states using the same obscure regulatory process used to create the rule.  Information gathered from the dealers will be kept in a federal database for two years.  While Congress passed legislation in the 1990s to allow ATF to track multiple-sales of handguns, they did not intend to expand this regulation to include long guns.

Rehberg’s amendment prevents the government from appropriating funds to implement that regulatory policy.  This is the third time Rehberg has fought back efforts by the ATF to increase gun control regulations in this manner by attaching similar language to two major spending bills in 2011.

The amendment was fully supported by the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

“The ATF reporting scheme not only violates the privacy of gun owners, but it also exceeds the statutory authority granted to the agency by Congress.  In addition, it has had no effect battling Mexican drug cartel violence,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director for NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.  “The NRA strongly supported this vital amendment.  On behalf of our members, we would like to thank Congressman Rehberg for his continued support of the Second Amendment and his advocacy of effective solutions to fighting crime and violence.”


These Idiots Never Learn: Registration Leads to Confiscation

April 27, 2012

Germany Announces Plans for Gun Registry


Germany’s parliament is establishing a weapons registry. The decision came on the tenth anniversary of a school massacre, but is part of an EU plan for Europe-wide gun registration.

On the morning of April 26, 2002, a 19-year-old who had been expelled from Gutenberg High School in the eastern German city of Erfurt began a deadly rampage. Over the course of two hours, he systematically stalked his former school’s corridors and classrooms. The perpetrator killed 12 teachers, one secretary, one police officer and two students before taking his own life. Germany’s first school shooting put the country into a state of shock, and triggered an earnest debate on how to toughen gun laws.

Exactly ten years after the massacre, Germany’s lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, decided to establish a central weapons registry. It will gather information from the 600 offices that issue weapons permits throughout Germany in one place.

The Erfurt massacre was not in fact the main impetus for the registry. Rather, the Bundestag is aiming to follow a European Union directive calling for every member country to set up a computerized, constantly updated weapons register by 2014.

Germany was also influenced by another massacre. In 2009, a 17-year-old student went on a rampage in Winnenden, killing 16 people.

Better risk analysis

The registry is intended to make it easier for German authorities to get an overview of the roughly 10 million firearms in the hands of private owners. According to the draft of the Bundestag legislation, “the national arms register catalogs weapons as well as weapons permits, exemptions, orders, indemnification and personal prohibitions pertaining to weapons.”

Germany’s Federal Administration Office is charged with maintaining the registry, which is designed to be quickly available to authorities. The goal is to make it easier to determine whether or not weapons are legally possessed, and to help officials with risk analysis when emergencies come up.

“This brings about a new dimension,” said German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich. But he cautioned against expecting the registry to actually prevent another shooting rampage from taking place.

The validity of that warning is evident in the 2002 and 2009 incidents. The Erfurt killer was armed with a pump gun and a Glock 17, a high-caliber pistol favored by special commandos and often seen on television crime series. The perpetrator bought the weapons with fake papers. In the case of the Winnenden massacre, the shooter used a registered sporting weapon owned by his father.

Tougher gun laws

Since those tragic incidents, Germany has changed its gun ownership laws several times. In 2002, the minimum age for owning a gun was raised from 18 to 21, while the minimum age for hunting went from 16 to 18.

Moreover, people under 25 who want to fire guns in Germany have to submit to a psychological evaluation. Rules for the safekeeping of weapons have also become stricter. Authorities are allowed to make unannounced visits to gun owners to check whether their rifles and pistols are stored correctly.

People in Germany are still permitted to use high-caliber weapons for sport and recreation. Bernhard Witthaut, the chair of Germany’s police union, said he is content with the current gun laws. He described the regulations as complex, but sufficiently strict. Witthaut also said there are not enough police personnel to carry out announced weapons inspections.

Gisela Mayer, the chair of an alliance formed in the wake of the Winnenden shootings, called Thursday’s legislation inadequate. She said the need to set up a national weapons registry was obvious.

Author: Heiner Kiesel/srs
Editor: Simon Bone

Tampa, FL Officials Trying to “Temporarily” Ban Second Amendment Rights, It Seems They Haven’t Read the Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Cases of McDonald v. Chicago ((08-1521) 561 U. S. ____ (2010),Decided June 28, 2010) and District of Columbia v. Heller ((No. 07-290) 554 U.S. ___; 128 S. Ct. 2783; 171 L. Ed. 2d 637; 2008 U.S. LEXIS 5268; 76 U.S.L.W. 4631; 21 Fla. L. Weekly Fed. S 497 Argued March 18, 2008—Decided June 26, 2008)

April 27, 2012

Protesters at Party Conventions Could Be Armed

From The Associated Press via The Salisbury Post Newspaper of Salisbury, North Carolina, April 27, 2012

TAMPA, Florida (AP) — The thousands of protesters expected at the Democratic and Republican national conventions can come armed with a lot more than signs and slogans: State law in Florida and North Carolina allows concealed weapons, including guns.

In Tampa, where the Republicans will hold their festivities this fall, officials are starting to worry about people toting guns in such a politically charged environment. The City Council voted Thursday to ask Republican Gov. Rick Scott to help them temporarily ban concealed weapons. Charlotte officials have yet to publically voice concern, but with both cities trying to balance public safety with First and Second Amendment rights, it’s likely the host city for the Democratic convention will also have to address the issue.

The Tampa City Council wants Scott to issue an executive order, preventing people with concealed weapons permits from carrying guns.

“We believe it is necessary and prudent to take this reasonable step to prevent a potential tragedy,” council member Lisa Montelione said in a draft letter to Scott.

Tampa city leaders have already proposed a host of banned items (lumber, hatchets, gas masks, chains and “super soaker” water cannons) — but they are prevented from outlawing concealed guns.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said the state law has made the city “look silly,” particularly because officials can ban water guns but not real ones.

“We’re kind of constrained by the state law,” he said.

The issue is a more complicated in Charlotte. The city in January adopted an ordinance allowing it to set up “extraordinary event zones” — designated areas where people won’t be allowed to carry backpacks and other items.

The city wanted to ban guns in those zones. State law, though, allows people to carry concealed weapons — unless they’re at a parade or protest.

“The zone is going to be far bigger than a demonstration area. So if I have a demonstration that marches us down main street, but the extraordinary event zone covers all of downtown, what about the area outside the demonstration? That’s the piece that been hitting us here,” he said.

Tens of thousands of delegates, journalists and political junkies will stream into the mid-sized cities for the multi-day conventions. Republicans hold their event at the Tampa Bay Times Arena Aug. 27-30. The Democrats’ party is a week later at the Time Warner Cable Arena. Inside the arenas, the Secret Service has banned civilians from carrying guns.

Both cities have hosted large gatherings before — Tampa has held four Super Bowls and Charlotte has entertained the Atlantic Coast Conference basketball tournament and the National Rifle Association convention — but neither has really experienced an event such as this.

In the past 50 years, political conventions have become a magnet for protesters, and they have sometimes turned ugly.

In 1968, demonstrators tried to disrupt the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Scenes of police clashing with protesters on the streets played on TV screens in living rooms across America. Four years later, anti-war demonstrators disrupted the Republican National Convention in Miami Beach.

More recently, thousands of protesters descended on St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2008, when the city hosted the Republican National Convention. Some demonstrators smashed cars, punctured tires and threw bottles in a confrontation with pepper-spray-wielding police. Hundreds of people were arrested over a few days.

“Everything we are doing is based on something that happened at another convention or another national security event,” Tampa City Attorney Jim Shimberg said.

The federal government has given $50 million each to Charlotte and Tampa to help them pay for new security-related equipment, training and officer salaries.

Tampa is proposing a “Clean Zone” protest area with portable toilets, water, a stage and a microphone for protesters. Outside that area, people will be allowed to march down an official parade route as long as they have a permit.

The exact location of the protest zones and security perimeter will be decided by the city commission in the coming weeks.

Joyce Hamilton Henry, the director of the mid-Florida office of the American Civil Liberties Union, said her organization is concerned about protests that will be limited to 60 minutes, and a ban on masks.

“We feel it’s totally unrealistic, especially if groups are coming in with large numbers,” Hamilton Henry said.

The Tampa Police Department is expected to rotate most of its 1,000-officer force into convention security during the event, which could draw up to 45,000 people. An additional 3,000 officers from other agencies around the state will help.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department plans to add 2,400 to 3,400 officers from outside departments to its force of more than 1,750.

For the convention there, a coalition of groups has formed because they said they are angry the city has refused to share information about where they can gather.

The Coalition to Protest at the DNC has threatened to gather without permits, and promised a massive demonstration Sept. 2 in what they call the Wall Street of the South. The groups promised the demonstrations will be peaceful.

Charlotte, a city of 760,000 people, is home to Bank of America Corp., one of the nation’s largest banks.

“This is something we have to do. They can’t stop our right to protest,” said Ben Carroll, a coalition spokesman.

Members of the coalition said they’re still angry about how police in February disbanded an Occupy Charlotte tent city on the lawn outside the old City Hall. Protesters had been camped there since October.

The move came one week after Charlotte adopted the extraordinary event ordinance, which gave police more power to stop and search people when the convention comes to town

The city said it has the right to restrict demonstrations, but wants to be fair to protesters. So the city has added a “speakers’ platform,” a location with microphones and amplification equipment.

Massachusetts Hockey Parents Want Teen Charged with Criminal Assault For Violent Hockey Hit

April 27, 2012

By Cameron Smith | Prep Rally, April 27, 2012

In an extreme step toward trying to enforce safer prep hockey at any cost, a Massachusetts family is attempting to have a teenager who delivered a dangerous hit on their son on the rink charged with assault and battery.

As first reported by the Quincy Patriot Ledger, and brought to Prep Rally’s attention by Deadspin, the parents of Duxbury (Mass.) High senior Tucker Hannon will see Scituate (Mass.) High hockey player Alex Way in court on Friday when the Hannons and their family lawyer will attempt to have Way formally brought up on formal assault and battery charges. The legal challenge is related to a hit Way delivered on Hannon after the Duxbury player fired a shot in a January game between the schools in Rhode Island.

You can see the check as it occurred in the video above.

“If this [check] was off the rink, on a public way, that is gross, negligent assault and battery,”  Jay Mullen, the attorney representing Thomas and Sheila Hannon, told the Patriot Ledger.

The issue, of course, is that the hit itself came in the midst of a competitive hockey game. For their part, the Hannons claim they only wanted Way to apologize to Hannon for the dangerous hit, or to have Scituate suspend him for two games. The Scituate coaching staff allegedly didn’t respond to the Hannons’ request for one of those outcomes to occur, leading to the current legal challenge.

However, the reason why Scituate officials didn’t respond to the Hannons’ threat is because they feel that Way — a decorated, three-sport athlete and National Honor Society student who will attend elite Williams College in fall 2012 — didn’t do anything wrong by making contact with Hannon in the way that he did.

“[Way’s check was] a good clean hit,” Scituate hockey coach Mike Breen told the Patriot Ledger. “He’s just not a kid that would go out to hurt anyone. He’s a real nice, polite kid.”

There is no doubt that the hit itself had drastic effects on Hannon’s ability to continue in school as normal. The senior missed the final two weeks of his high school hockey career with post concussion syndromes, and spent five weeks out of school to avoid direct light, which can exacerbate the symptoms of post concussion syndrome. The younger Hannon said that he was still experiencing painful headaches as recently as Wednesday.

While the case is believed to be the first attempt to criminalize an amateur hockey hit, the practice is certainly not novel in the professional ranks. In recent months, Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara became the latest NHL star to be subjected to a criminal investigation for a check he delivered to a Montreal Canadiens opponent.

Making the matter even more unique is that Way would appear to be precisely the person to avoid trying to give anyone else a concussion because he suffered a significant one himself during the Scituate football season. Way’s mother said that they never even considered pressing charges after that concussion because they knew the risks of competing in a contact sport.

That opinion seems to be echoed by officials from the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association as well.

“With or without a penalty called during the game, a criminal complaint [stemming from a high school play] is really unheard of,” MIAA spokesman Paul Wetzel said.

Whether the skepticism of Wetzel and the entire Scituate camp wins out over the Hannons’ criminal complaint remains to be seen. Either way, the incident is guaranteed to conclude without a happy ending: one teenager has suffered an inordinate amount of pain for a check which occurred in a sporting event, and another teenager’s reputation may now be tainted by accusations that he intentionally targeted an opponent with the aim to injure him.

To watch a video of the hit copy & paste the address below into your web-browser:

Race-Baiter In Chief

April 27, 2012

From, March 25, 2012


The Trayvon Martin Our Government Subsidized Media won’t Let You See

April 27, 2012

Trayvon Martin’s Twitpic from his Twitter Page; Twitter handle was “No Limit Nigga”

trayvon martin photo media george zimmerman photo bias sad hill news

Black Men Issuing Contracts And ‘Soft’ Hits On George Zimmerman – The Feds Could Care Less

April 27, 2012

From, March 28, 2012

Apparently, for select black men in America it’s Open Season on human life.

In the last 48+ hours, despite The Law finding no fault, ill-intent or wrong doing by George Zimmerman, the Black Panthers have openly put out a $10,000 bounty on him, and Spike Lee issued a ‘soft’ hit by Tweeting, then Re-Tweeting George Zimmerman’s home address. And because Lee accidentally Tweeted the wrong address, an elderly couple now flees for their lives.

No interrogations. No arrests. No Feds.

I no longer question why Eric Holder – Department of inJustice – is getting away with treason. i.e. Project Gunrunner aka “Fast and Furious.”

spike lee obma trayvon martin george zimmerman photos images race-baiting obama photo media bias sad hill news

Spike Lee Won’t Apologize For Tweeting George Zimmerman’s ‘Home Address’

(FOX) Late last week, Spike Lee re-tweeted the address of ‘George Zimmerman’ to his quarter of a million followers.

Except it was the wrong address. It was the address of an elderly Florida couple whose son… William George Zimmerman (no relation to shooter) – lived briefly there in 1995. Now the 70-year-old school cafeteria lunch lady with a heart condition and her 72-year-old husband have been forced to move out of danger into a hotel temporarily after receiving hate mail, threats, harassing visits from reporters and fearful inquiries from neighbors.

The woman’s other son Chip Humble told the Orlando Sentinel, “It’s scary because there are people who aren’t mentally right and will take this information and run with it. To endanger people who are innocent because people are angry is not the answer. That’s not how we’re going to heal. It’s not [going] to help the Martin family for someone else to be hurt.”

The O’Reilly Factor contacted Spike Lee’s production company “40 Acres and a Mule.”  Instead of issuing a statement or an apology, the executive office told Factor producer Jesse Watters that Spike Lee had “no comment.” That’s it.


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Black Panthers Offer $10,000 Reward For Capture Of George Zimmerman

(Orlando SentinelMembers of the New Black Panther Party are offering a $10,000 reward for the “capture” of George Zimmerman, leader Mikhail Muhammad announced during a protest in Sanford today.

When asked whether he was inciting violence, Muhammad replied defiantly saying: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

The bounty announcement came moments after members of the group called for the mobilization of 5,000 black men to capture George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin last month.

Muhammad said members of his group would search for Zimmerman themselves in Maitland and Jacksonville — where the 28-year old worked before the shooting, employees there told the Orlando Sentinel. But he declined to say when they will begin their hunt.

black panthers obma trayvon martin george zimmerman photos images race-baiting obama photo media bias sad hill news

Muhammad said the group’s national chairman, Dr. Malik Zulu Shabaz of Washington, D.C. is receiving donations from black entertainers and athletes. They hope to collect $1 million by next week, Muhammad said.

The party said they would not release the names of donors nor would they provide documentation to support the existence of donations.

The New Black Panthers announced the reward at a protest in Sanford Saturday, the activist group’s third protest in the past two weeks over the fatal shooting of the Miami Gardens teen.

The group called for Zimmerman’s arrest and threatened to find and detain him if police were not willing to do so. But group members didn’t call for the mobilization of thousands until Saturday.

Muhammed led the group in chanting “Justice for Trayvon!” and “Black Power!”

“If the government won’t do the job, we’ll do it,” Muhammad said, leading his group of eight party members in chants like “freedom or death” and “justice for Trayvon” while making the iconic gesture of raising their fists into the air.

The Last Tweets Of Obama’s ‘@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA’ Trayvon Martin

April 27, 2012
From, 3.26.12

obama if i had a son he'd look like trayvon birth certificate sad hill news 3

I only posted a few of “@No_LIMIT_NIGGA’s” (Trayvon Martin) Tweets because most were thug-like and/or X-rated. You can see the rest: HERE

No doubt ‘mainstream’ media will be linking to SHN or the Daily Caller and reporting on all of these facts first thing tomorrow morning…

Nope. And with Obama forever linking his name to ‘@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA’, I’m betting government-subsidized MSM conveniently decides that Trayvon Martin just used up his ’15 minutes of fame.’

Trayvon Martin’s – ‘@No_LIMIT_NIGGA’ – Last Tweets

(Daily Caller) The Daily Caller has obtained a compilation of the late Trayvon Martin’s tweets.

The social media scan, executed on PeopleBrowsr and supplied to TheDC by the individual who performed the search, contains tweets from the last month of Martin’s life, dating to the beginning of 2012.

Martin tweeted under the handle “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA,” an account that was closed shortly after his death.

The image attached to the Twitter account when Martin died matches one that has been widely distributed. That photograph of Martin depicts him smiling, gold-toothed, into a camera in front of an electronic dartboard.

TheDC is publishing these tweets in exactly the form it received them, with the sole exception of partially redacting Martin’s telephone number in one tweet.


The Last Tweets Of Obama’s ‘@No_Limit_Nigga’ Trayvon Martin_


The Last Tweets Of Obama’s ‘@No_Limit_Nigga’ Trayvon Martin_-2


The Last Tweets Of Obama’s ‘@No_Limit_Nigga’ Trayvon Martin_-2-2


@_no_limit_nigga trayvon martin tweets obama if i had a son sad hill news-2


@_no_limit_nigga trayvon martin tweets obama if i had a son sad hill news-2


@_no_limit_nigga trayvon martin tweets obama if i had a son sad hill news-2


@_no_limit_nigga trayvon martin tweets obama if i had a son sad hill news-2

More and More, The Truth About Trayvon Martin is Coming Out

April 27, 2012

It’s becoming more and more clear however that the innocent appearance the mainstream media is so desperate to apply to Trayvon isn’t at all accurate

Information from The Wagist by Dan Linehan on March 25, 2012

Above is the iconic picture we’ve been become accustomed to seeing everywhere in the media, used to represent the recent Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida. From everything the public has been told, Trayvon Martin was a fresh-faced, innocent looking teenager and the visage of the man who shot him, George Zimmerman, is right out of a booking photo.

The media narrative being sold is quite clear, Trayvon Martin is the innocent victim here and George Zimmerman is a horrible bigot who attacked the young man for doing nothing more than buying skittles while being black. Even Barack Obama seems to accept the fresh-faced innocence of Trayvon, stating, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” More on that later.

It’s becoming more and more clear however that the innocent appearance the mainstream media is so desperate to apply to Trayvon isn’t at all accurate. The picture we’re used to seeing to represent Trayvon Martin appears to be a far cry from how he actually looked once he was a few years older.

More recent picture

Extended School Suspension

There has been a lot of analysis about the character of George Zimmerman in the media, and surprisingly little about Trayvon Martin.

For instance, a few days before he was killed, Trayvon was suspended from school for ten days.

Still, Trayvon had nonviolent behavioral issues in school, and on the day he was killed, he had been suspended for 10 days from Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in North Miami-Dade. “He was not suspended for something dealing with violence or anything like that. It wasn’t a crime he committed, but he was in an unauthorized area [on school property],” Martin said, declining to offer more details. Before that, Trayvon attended Miami Carol City High School near his mother’s home in Miami Gardens.

There has been very little follow-up in investigating exactly why Trayvon was suspended for such a long period of time for what seems to be the relatively minor offense of “being in an unauthorized area.” In most schools, something like that would be a detention, or one-day, in school suspension at most. Not ten days.

Of course, this is why Trayvon was staying as his Father’s house, so far away from school. And it also explains why George Zimmerman, who by all accounts seemed to stay on top of everything that happened in his neighborhood, didn’t recognize him that evening, Trayvon didn’t really live there, and was only in town because of the suspension.

It seems we may not find out more anytime soon, as a lawyer representing Trayvon’s family has sealed his school records.

Multiple Tattoos

To learn more about Trayvon’s character, we have to look to his friends and family to offer clues. Unfortunately, it seems as if most people who knew him are intent on cleaning up his image, rather than discussing what Trayvon was really like.

Even though Trayvon was only 17, he already was sporting gold teeth, and several large tattoos. This one was on his wrist, apparently of his girlfriend’s mother’s name.

Trayvon Martin Wrist Tattoo

This photo, taken from Tray’s MySpace page, shows another large tattoo that took up most of his upper arm.

Trayvon Martin Arm Tattoo


It seems that Tray was also on Twitter, but his account seems to have been recently deleted by his family or friends.

His screen name was “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, as you can see from the twitpic account screenshot above. He was also a member of a twitter hash group #team4dat.

At first, I was skeptical that anyone would maintain an account with that sort of derogatory slur in the title, but after doing some research, it’s apparent that it was Trayvon’s account.

The account was in existence long before the shooting occurred a few weeks ago, and was deleted only recently, there are still dozens of references to @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA in google’s cache.

The associated twitpic account matches the account name and is still online at the time of publication. Most of the pics were uploaded months ago, so this account was associated with Trayvon long before the shooting took place.

Several of Tray’s friends have been very open about referring to Trayvon using that account as well. His cousin, who is quite active on Twitter, refers to Trayvon more than a dozen times using the @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA nickname.

Violence & Gang Activity

There seem to be several allusions to violence on Tray’s Twitter account.

His friends posted supportive messages using it as well, about how happy they were that Trayvon whooped Zimmerman’s ass before he died.


Violence one

Another post makes reference to Trayvon having “swung on a bus driver” a few days before he died.

Did that have something to do with his ten-day suspension?

Bus driver violence

On Trayvon’s MySpace page, at least one of his top friends, Romario305, is featured making a gang sign towards the camera in his default profile picture.

Gang signs

Almost all of this is in stark contrast to the media’s central narrative that Trayvon was a normal, happy, well-adjusted teenager.

Instead of that, we are seeing long suspensions from school, tattoos, racially-charged epitaphs, and violence.

Drug Culture

Several of his friends have posted pictures of rolled blunts to twitter in memorial to Trayvon.

In memory of Trayvon

There is also fairly direct evidence that Trayvon may have been a small-time drug-dealer.

On Facebook on February 5th, his friend posts on his wall asking to talk business. Trayvon says he doesn’t have a phone available and his friend says, “Damn were u at a nigga needa plant.”

Trayvon plants

That Facebook url should still work, if anyone is intrepid enough to check it out.

Unless Trayvon was selling Orchids, it seems fairly reasonable to posit that he may have been somewhat well-known among his friends for selling marijuana.


Hopefully this info paints a somewhat different picture of Trayvon than the one the media has been forcing down our throats for the last several weeks.

This is a complex case, and while all the facts are not in yet, we do know that Zimmerman was well within his rights to make verbal contact with someone he didn’t know or recognize in his neighborhood.

In fact, that’s exactly what Neighborhood Watch groups are for, to be the “eyes and ears” of the community. It appears that Zimmerman was very good at this job.

No matter how offended someone might be to have a stranger come up and ask what they are doing there, it doesn’t give anyone a license to commit assault.

From what I can tell, Zimmerman was doing a routine neighborhood watch, called in someone he considered suspicious, and was maintaining a visual on him until the police came.

Then he was attacked, had his nose broken and was in a prone position while crying out for help.

Zimmerman was pinned to the ground, according to a witness, and was still being beaten by someone much younger than him.

Many people are reading a lot into the weight difference between Martin and Zimmerman, but Zimmerman was also 5’9 and out of shape. I’m pretty sure many tubby thirty-year-olds wouldn’t do well against a fit, 6’3, 17-year-old.

This is a textbook self-defense case, and I’d urge anyone reading to look at the full set of facts before drawing conclusions.

See more crime scene maps here..

Man Walks Up To Officer, Confesses To 25 Year-Old Murder

April 24, 2012

By Reuters, April 24, 2012

A homeless man walked up to a policeman in Montana last week and confessed to involvement in the murder of an Oklahoma county commissioner 25 years ago, authorities said on Monday.

“He just said he wanted to get something off of his chest,” said Stan Florence, director of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. “I think it was just one of those things he carried with him for 25 years and wanted to talk to somebody about it.”

The man, Clifford W. Eagle, 53, told police he and another man were involved in the death of Leo Boyd Reasoner, a commissioner in Haskell County, Oklahoma, who was found lying across the seat of his pickup truck with a single bullet wound in his temple on June 25, 1987.

The sudden turn in the long-dormant case caught people in Haskell County by surprise, including the slain commissioner’s widow, who has remarried, and his daughter, who both attended the announcement of the break in the case, said Florence.

Eagle told police he and the other man, Vince Allen Johnson, were driving along a rural Oklahoma road when they met the county commissioner, who accused Johnson of stealing from him, court documents show.

When Johnson jumped out of his vehicle and yelled that the county commissioner was reaching for a gun, Eagle said he and Johnson both drew pistols and fired, records of Eagle’s confession show.

Johnson was executed in Oklahoma in 2001 for the murder of a woman in 1991 in what police called a murder-for-hire plot.

Eagle was homeless but seemed to be in a “good mental state” when he approached a patrolman on April 18 to offer his confession, said Lieutenant Kevin Effland, a spokesman for the Billings, Montana police, where Eagle approached the officer.

He remained in custody in Billings on Monday.