Miami Homicide Sgt. Throws Fellow Officers Under The Bus

By Jack “Coffee” Hays, March 27, 2012

In an article about Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager shot and killed by a Neighborhood Watch Captain whom Martin attacked in Sanford, FL, by Frances Robles appearing in the March 27, 2012 edition of the Miami Herald says that Miami, FL Police Homicide Sgt. Ervens Ford attended a rally calling for the Neighborhood Watch Captain to be prosecuted for the boy’s death.

Ford, who has been featured many times on the Arts & Entertainment Network television program “The First 48”  is quoted as saying:

This is personal, I have a son that age. I am getting ready to release him to the world. I have to expose him to things like this. I also have a 12-year-old. I have to be realistic about it: It very well could have been either one of them. I find myself telling my sons what clothes to wear and WHAT TO SAY TO A COP.”

The fact that Sgt. Ford would attend such a rally after the incident has been investigated by the Sanford, FL Police Dept. is bad enough, but to say that he tells his sons “What to say to a cop” is simply insulting to everyone carrying a badge.

Sgt. Ford says that what happened to Martin could very easily have happened to either one of his sons. Is Sgt. Ford saying that one, or both, of his sons would, while serving a suspension from school for the third time, physically attack a man, George Zimmerman, breaking his nose, who was observing what appeared to him to be a suspicious person in his neighborhood, a neighborhood that had experienced several recent residential burglaries, while speaking to police officers on his cell phone, and during the attack try to gain control of the man’s lawfully owned and carried firearm necessitating that the man shoot one, or both, of his sons? Is that what Sgt. Ford is saying?

If this is what Sgt. Ford is saying, that one, or both, of his sons would do what Martin did to Zimmerman, then I believe it would be justified for one, or both, of Sgt. Ford’s sons to be shot and killed by whoever they attacked.

Perhaps  Sgt. Ford should tell his sons not to physically attack anyone as Martin did and they won’t  be shot and killed as a result. Quite simply, if you don’t go around physically attacking and beating people you can’t get killed while, or as a result of, doing it.

The bottom line is this:

It appears that George Zimmerman was not doing anything illegal or wrong when he had the misfortune to come into contact with Trayvon Martin.

He was lawfully driving his vehicle in his neighborhood; knowing that his neighborhood had recently experienced a rash of residential burglaries he observed what to him was a suspicious person; he called the police and told the dispatcher what he was observing and where he was observing it (although he was not legally obligated to do so); he kept the phone line open and, contrary to most media reports, was walking back to his vehicle after the police dispatcher told him that officers didn’t need him to follow the person he was calling about, and believed he had lost sight of the person he was reporting to the police when he was physically attacked by Trayvon Martin suffering a broken nose and face as well as head lacerations necessitating him to produce and use his lawfully possessed and carried firearm to stave off the attack, possibly saving his life.

Case closed!

11 Responses to “Miami Homicide Sgt. Throws Fellow Officers Under The Bus”

  1. Thomas Says:

    apparently your not black and still have your head in the sand. Every black law enforcement officer takes to there kids about what to do if stopped buy the POLICE.

    • ten8 Says:

      I think you mean “by” the POLICE.
      I worked the job in PA for 6 years and during that time I served with black officers who had children at the station frequently and I never heard any of them discuss such things with them; nor did I ever see any indication from the kids that they had been told to act any certain way around officers.

  2. Pissed Says:

    Ignorance still lives. A badge and gun doesn’t make you God! Call a cat a cat and a dog a dog – stop trying to sugar coat this. He was looking to do harm cause he was fed up with previous burglaries, which were “supposedly” committed by AAs so he wanted to teach all of them a lesson. His ass needs to pay just like anyone, no matter what race, should have to do.

  3. sherrill Says:

    everyone knows that kid was pursued for no reason and shot dead for no reason. The “attack” is just a lie to cover up his unjustifiable pursuit and killing of an unarmed youth. Shame on you!

  4. sherrill Says:

    ps you don’t have to be black to be killed unnesssarily, Portland Oregon officers are infamous for shooting the mentally ill and the unarmed…that’s why the DOJ and FBI are reviewing with an overhaul in mind…we have way to many police shootings for our population…

  5. None OfyourBusiness Says:

    Shut your ass up. This article is the dumbest shit I have ever heard…

  6. Juan herrera Says:

    You’re such a P.O.S. You get off on the fact that a young black kid was murdered. God have mercy on your soul.

  7. colas bob johnson Says:

    ervens ford is my uncle

  8. Morten M. Says:

    What a load of BS.. That guy killed him ! Case closed.

  9. Deedee22 Says:

    You’re way off base here! You must live under a rock!.oh, and I’m Caucasian!

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