Cleveland County, NC Deputies Release Details in Shooting Death

From The Shelby Star
Olivia Neeley

KINGS MOUNTAIN — A man shot in the back during a shootout on a secluded road died Thursday morning, authorities said.

Three others were shot in a drug deal that went wrong, according to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office.  

Investigators haven’t arrested anyone in the shootings yet.

The case, they say, is a unique one.

Detectives plan to discuss a possible murder charge with the district attorney’s office.

“Our investigation leads us to believe they (the four shot) were all involved in criminal activity,” said sheriff’s office Lt. Jon Wright. “And unfortunately, some serious violence resulted from that criminal activity.”

Lloyd Quenshawn Byers, 25, died at Cleveland Regional Medical Center less than a day after he was shot. Joram Ozias Young, 26, of Pearce Drive, and O’ryan Gaston, 27, of Charlotte were shot in the leg.

Mandrell Hunt, 25, of Oak Grove Road, was shot in the face and was later transported to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, detectives said. 

Gunfire erupted late Wednesday in the roadway on Pearce Court, off Margrace Road. Detectives say the people involved arranged to meet for a marijuana deal, but a disagreement ensued and shots were fired from both sides. 

Wright said Byers faced charges of discharging a firearm into occupied dwelling and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

‘It was devastating’

Byers’ family said his death is a tragic loss and they don’t believe it was drug related.

“When I heard my baby got shot, my heart fell to the floor,” said Byers’ mother, Carolyn Morgan. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Morgan said she talked to her son a week ago. Byers told her he thought he had found a job.

“He told me he loved me and gave me a hug and kiss,” she said. “I told him to be careful.”

 “This thing happened so fast,” she said. “It’s still unbelievable right now.”

Haven for violence

In 2003, Jeffrey Todd Rogers, of Kings Mountain, was killed on that same secluded road.

Detectives say that area has a history of shootings and drug related cases.

“It’s high-incident area,” Wright said. “It’s a place we are constantly aware of and (has) ongoing chronic problems.”

Family members are asking for help with funeral expenses. Contact Genesis Funeral Home.


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