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Deadly Night in Chicago as 7 Killed in Shootings

April 16, 2010

updated 9:37 a.m. ET, Fri., April 16, 2010

CHICAGO – Chicago police are investigating shootings around the city that left seven people dead and several more wounded in a matter of hours.

Police spokesman Officer Hector Alfaro says the first shooting happened at about 6 p.m. Thursday and that the attacks continued into the early hours of Friday in various neighborhoods.

Alfaro says police believe the shootings that left five men and one woman dead are unrelated. He says no arrests had been made as of early Friday.

At least two of the victims died in drive-by shootings, including 18-year-old DeAndre Morgan who was killed as he pushed his son down the street in a stroller. Two others were shot and wounded when someone in a pickup truck opened fire on a basketball game on the city’s South Side.


Fanged Leech Pulled From Girl’s Nose

April 16, 2010
New species of blood sucker feeds from the body orifices of mammals
By Jennifer Viegas

updated 2:06 p.m. ET, Thurs., April 15, 2010

An enormous-toothed leech, pulled from the nose of a girl who was bathing in a river, has just been documented in the journal PLoS ONE.   

Image: Fanged leech
Named Tyrannobdella rex, which means “tyrant leech king,” the new species of blood sucker sports its “ferociously large teeth” in a single jaw,


Named Tyrannobdella rex, which means “tyrant leech king,” the new species of blood sucker sports its “ferociously large teeth” in a single jaw, but is less than 2 inches in length.

Found at remote parts of the Upper Amazon in Peru, the new species has led to a revising of the leech family that feeds from the body orifices of mammals.

“Because of our analysis of morphology and DNA, we think that Tyrannobdella rex is most closely related to another leech that gets into the mouths of livestock in Mexico,” said Anna Phillips, a graduate student affiliated with the American Museum of Natural History and the first author of the paper. “We think the leech could feed on aquatic mammals, from their noses and mouths for example, where they could stay for weeks at a time.”

The find adds to the some 700 known species of leeches worldwide. Since they exist far and wide, it’s thought that these organisms had a common ancestor that lived on Pangea, the huge prehistoric land mass that broke up and eventually led to today’s continents.

“We named it Tyrannobdella rex because of its enormous teeth,” explained Mark Siddall, who also worked on the study and is a curator in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History.

Siddall added, “Besides, the earliest species in this family of these leeches no-doubt shared an environment with dinosaurs about 200 million years ago when some ancestor of our T. rex may have been up that other T. rex’s nose.”

“The new T. rex joins four other species that use this abbreviated name, including two Miocene fossils (a snail and a scarab beetle), a living Malaysian formicid ant, and, of course, the infamous Cretaceous theropod dinosaur that was described in 1905 by an earlier curator of the American Museum of Natural History.”

To read the full journal paper, which includes a few additional images, please go to this PLoS ONE page.

Maine Man Gets 2 Years for Forcing Sons to Fight

April 16, 2010

updated 7:57 a.m. ET, Thurs., April 15, 2010

BELFAST, Maine – A Maine man has been sentenced to two years in prison for forcing his 4-year-old son and 6-year-old son to fight each other while he watched.

Twenty-six-year-old Pedro Delgado-Bristol pleaded guilty Tuesday in Waldo County Superior Court to assault and other charges.

The Bangor Daily News says the boys told detectives they were forced to punch, kick and knee each other on Jan. 9 at Delgado-Bristol’s Rockport home. The boys also told investigators Delgado-Bristol hit the younger boy with a sandal when the boy refused to fight any more.

The boys’ mother saw the injuries and reported the father to authorities.

A judge called Delgado-Bristol’s actions “depraved” and barred him from having unsupervised contact with either boy.


Information from: Bangor Daily News,