Woman Killed in Crash With CMPD Patrol Car

 A Charlotte-Mecklenburg (CMPD) Police Officer responding to a call for assistance from another officer conducting a traffic stop suffered a broken leg among other injuries when his Crown Victoria patrol car struck a 1991 Ford Escort broadside.

 According to the Charlotte Observer the crash happened around 10:15 pm on Sunday March 30, 2009 at the intersection of Old Statesville Rd. & Henderson Circle on Charlotte’s North Side.

 According to the paper CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe said Proctor was traveling at approximately 90 mph without using the cruiser’s emergency lighting & siren which violated both department policy and North Carolina law. Monroe said that witnesses at the scene and the fact that the cruiser’s dash camera was not activated added to the virtual certainty that the officer did not activate the cruiser’s lights & siren.

 Monroe also said that the call for assistance the officer was responding to was not sent out with any urgency as there is no indication that the officer conducting the stop was in danger and therefore Proctor had no reason to be traveling at such a high rate of speed on the road with a posted speed limit of 45 mph. Monroe also said it is common policy for an officer on patrol by himself to be assisted by another officer when conducting a traffic stop.

 Unfortunately, the crash resulted in the death of the driver of the ’91 Ford, 20 year old Shatona Evette Robinson of Davidson, NC who had just left her mother’s home when the crash occurred.

 Also injured in the crash were 18 year old Wyatt Morrison & 19 year old Akeem Robinson, passengers in the ’91 Ford.

 Chief Monroe also said that the results of the crash investigation would be turned over to the Mecklenburg County District Attorney who would decide whether or not to prosecute Officer Proctor for Vehicular Homicide.

 Unfortunately, in 2000, CMPD officers were involved in 2 crashes under the same circumstances. In those cases the city paid $785,000 to the family of Sara Gaffney, 23, who was killed when the vehicle in which she was a passenger was struck by a patrol car driven by former CMPD Officer Scott Darby. Court records indicate that Darby was driving at a high rate of speed without using the cruiser’s emergency equipment and that Darby pled guilty to the misdemeanor charge of Death by Vehicle and resigned from his position in the CMPD.

 In the other incident in 2000, in December, former CMPD Officer David Nifong , who resigned from the force, was traveling 30 mph over the posted speed limit without using his cruiser’s emergency equipment when he collided with a van driven by 33 year old Geoffrey Darwin who was killed.


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